Powershell and general concepts

With the introduction of server 2012 came a sort of new
technology called powershell which requires people to lean a DOS like language to
operate a server. The benefits of this technology are huge in terms of efficiency.
You can now install the server operating system without all the weight that is
caused by a gui, this version is called server core and in terms of processing efficiency
its amazing. However for most people its difficult to learn because it’s a basically
a completely new language and you have to actually learn it, you cant just drag
and drop or click your way through a gui. Its kind of like that hot mysterious
girl in the corner that you know has all sorts of stuff to say but you have no
idea how to talk to her,  at least to me.
There are a lot of complaints about the learning curve however I kind of enjoy
it. That said I am im that guy that spends his free time learning about art
history and reading enlightenment philosophy. This is also for me kind of like
spending time getting to know a girl without regards to whether or not I get
sleep with her. Sorry for being crass but I don’t really know how else to
describe this besides from the perspective of a dude that’s spent ample amounts
of time in bars being a person drunk guy that was interested in learning about
other people’s lives. I did recently acquired a book called powershell deep
dives that should be somewhat helpful in learning about this stuff.

I first learned about how difficult the server 2012 exams
where after attending a class at a book camp called CED solutions that I attended
in 2008. Thank goodness I still had some credit with them, I had thought about
attending this class earlier in the software cycle but I had heard that they
were bankrupt so I just assumed they wouldn’t be able to refund or recirculate
the money that I spend in 2008 where I had hoped to get an an Enterprise Admin
cert but dropped out earlier because the material was over my head and I was
content with the MCITP level of certification.
I also acquired a book called MCSA Windows Server 2012 Complete Study
Guide. A 1kish paged book that’s become something like a bible to me.  So now that’s out the way I have a posted note
of sorts posted on the monitor with ideas for posts that involve layering
information from several sources in order to obtain a more clear picture of specific
types of technology. I found that simply using one resource or knowledge bank
is not enough to get a clear enough picture of something to be able to describe
it with any sort of fluidity. Powershell obviously being one of these
technologies however I haven’t quite decided how ill write about it given that Microsoft
is no longer giving out softwear with their training materials so screen shots
are mostly out unless I start doing there labs which have a time limit so anything
overly complicated like building a large AD users base and showing how
powershell can add a data to a field for each user in an OU is out. This is an
awesome feature of powershell that actually saves time over using the gui. If you
used the gui to do something like this it would be take forever.  

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