The start of something

At this point I have no qualifications to speak of that
would speak to my ability to function as a technical writer.  However as a person that is seeking to renew
my Microsoft technical certifications I can speak to the experiences of a
person that studied to obtain MCIPT Enterprise Desktop Administrator
certifications with minimal previous experience with being an actual desktop
admin.  I obtained my certifications in
2008 then promptly took a position that had very little to do with actually
supporting a desktop computer and more to do with implementing processes/designing
applications/providing reporting in order to help grow a new business for a
large corporation. While this was certainly a thrilling opportunity it provided
little practical experience in working with servers and desktop in a administrative
fashion.  So the reality of this journey
is that I’m basically starting almost from scratch, well with the knowledge I gained
approximately 8 years ago.  While I could
complain about the increase in difficulty of the newer exams combined with the
fact that I’m not exactly fresh with my IT skills I actually appreciate what
Microsoft does with these exams.  I do think
it is important for a community to get together every few years and refresh their
abilities by coming out of their respective hobbit holes and being forced to
interact with the world outside of their day to day lives.  Computing has and always will be about a continual
sense of evolution, a dedication to self-improvement and a dedication to lifelong
studying as a result of the previous equation’s concerning defining what
technology is. Thus I think in spite of the fact that our respective exams and
material as grown immensely in degrees of difficulty I think its good for everyone
to stretch themselves and break free from comfort zones. Every field should be
so lucky as to get challenged to breakout of their robotic day to day operations
to  get to discover how their field has
grown by leaps and bounds.

So with this blog I’m planning to describe technologies as I’m
learning them in hopes it will prepare me not only to pass a test but to become
a more fluent operator/appreciator of modern technology products. At this point
I am not employed and I haven’t been employed for quite a while, at least in
the field of technology. I’m hoping to eventually get back into the field but
even if I don’t quite make it back into the field the journey is still worth it
to this humble student.

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