I havent updated this in a while, havent had much info to share. Attempted my test for the first time and unsurprisingly failed by a decent margin. I got a 538
as you can see in this photo where I gave it my best Honey Boo Boos mom face.

test 1 photo b43cc2dd-cb71-4573-ac94-35758dc96270_zpsmyfxbv6x.jpg

Im feeling like im kind of in limbo at the moment waiting on my retake. I did a acquire a new book and have worked about half way through it
Its this guy right here.
Decent books covers some things that the Panek/Sybex book doesnt cover. Still about another thousand pages of essentially cliff notes.
However booth books are tremendously helpful to server new comers in the regard that they do offer a direction in which to study.

Ok so great, now I have to retake my test again soonish and im probably not going to do a whole lot better but the good news is that I
do feel like its passable at this point. At first I wasn’t entirely sure it was possible from my vantage point, now im not so sure.

Currently studying IPv4 sub netting, feeling some what confident about DNS and less so about DHCP. When first approaching subnetting
I was completely overwhelmed because book reference isn’t that helpful and my teach in class wasn’t too keen on answering questions. Thankfully
I found this video series

Here is the link in case the iFrame doesnt load. Subnetting Demystified

Super thankful for this dude and for this free resource hes made available to schlubs such as my self attempting to acquire the wisdom of
the wizards of Sever and interneting technologies. So im still working through that series and trying to use this as practice with a little help from this
for the sake of comprehension. Upon first approach it seemed like a random number generator but the Ip calculator proved me wrong.
After watching a few times and doing some practice trying to understand the numbers show in the calculators formula I think I should be able to understand.
Its also surprisingly fun once you put a little effort into it. Its a nice break from memorization of conceptual and practical terms/data.

Going to have to really milk the practice tests for all they are worth because I believe those go away for me in January and they are a
huge huge help in terms of direction and every thing else. I have literally no money but I might try to find a way to extend the time line
in which those are available to me if its not overly expensive. So for now we are working on getting down DHCP technologies and brining up
that bottom number quite a bit.

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