Retake Failure

I took my test again after a month of studying, most on IPv4 configurations and subnetting. I suppose I could post some of the links
of sites that I used as study resources however they might not all be here as I had computer failure not long after taking the test.
I found a great video series on youtube that helped me to mostly memorize an IPv4 subnetting table and after watching it I felt like
I understood the basics. DHCP is real killer though. I had a really tuff and involved DHCP question that basically involved a screen with a
block of ip configurations and subnet blocks as sort of a multi question what goes where type of thing. I dont think I did too well on that
section. However I did do fairly well in a couple areas (scoring in the 90s)over all I failed. As you hopefully can see in the picture (also shown
some upcoming concerts im excited about haha)I got a 563 this time.

 photo 5E02DE4A-D738-4E53-915C-D25593A61A31_zpsx9rbicoe.jpg

Ignore the pall Mall coupons, im really trying to quit. To be quite honest im not sure why im including it other than I need to straighten out those
tickets if im going to save them!

 photo CD9D511B-CB1B-4781-BDE8-846AB837A564_zpsi8xfy9ub.jpg

ok so here you can actually see what my score was. Without all the irrelevant information. Clearly IPv4 configuration and DHCP
is a struggle for me. Im going to continue to study but it might be good to seek a Network + certification so I have a little better
background in what im doing here (studying things that are way over my head at this point it time but giving it my best. I would have assumed
that I would have done better on the GP and AD sections. Not sure how those got so low but either way its some thing to study.

IPv4 links

clearly my studies didnt help all that much in terms of on paper test scores as I spent most of the month between exams studying this topic
alone but these resources are very helpful. Im not sure if any one is less excited about how much IPv6 we will see in the next version of server
than I am. I dont see IPv4 very clearly yet but as a guitar player I could understand that after you fully understood it you could begin
to see ip address ranges and almost the entire internet as a guitar fret board with intent behind the theory. That is very exciting to me.
However coming into it after not having learned to play an easy guitar fully and then being handed an 8 string is quite a scary proposition.

so here is the recommended video series, there’s lots of stuff out there about subnetting and most of it is helpful. However this is
guys is from Nashville and I lived there for a while so maybe im just partial. Also its honestly worth it to watch the whole thing and take notes the entire time and do
the exercises while pausing. It may not get you extra points on the 70-410 but at least you will have a better understanding of subnetting.

Ok, thats all for now. Theres also a few questions Ive seen centered around integrating Azure with an in house AD solution so up next
I suppose Ill muse on that for a while. Oh yeah and also attempt to figure out how and why the technology actually works.

And in case the youtube video doesnt frame in correctly here is the direct link:

Subnetting Demystified

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