Whats this Azure situation and where are we going with this?

Im not even really sure what Windows Azure is capable of or exactly where Microsoft is headed with this product.
It seems like it has the capability to completely remove the concept of the in house domain controller on physical
hardware at any location given that internet connectivity is fast enough. I suppose in house DHCP could always be a factor though.
Im sure that too, with time, will pass. So given that we arent exactly sure what this product is and we need at least a basic
understanding of it because there are a few questions on the test about this product perhaps we should start with the basics like
this wikipedia page. So if im understanding it right its an advanced
terminal server type of situation with the option to back up your in house servers. They seem to be pushing the idea of using
azure in dev environments for VMs however the price point seems a little lacking when considering that you could just use in house hosted
VMs. The only way that I can see this product not being somewhat less than cost effective in the current market would be as a backup
solution for complete in house severs. For example if you have an in house machine with an instance of sql or hyper V it would be amazing
to be completely revive the machine by connecting to your azure subscription from a rebuilt machine. I feel almost certain that MSFT
would have this solution available it just comes with the question of security (more trust than security) and price point. Ok so now given that
in the future we may navigate our servers in an fashion that was forecasted by Jurassic Park.

 photo thumbnailImage_zps0pttzx08.png

oh look there’s my PDC for my corp.corp.kandinsky.com domain that I use to replicate


 photo hwd_jpark13l_zpsxzdfvh7h.jpg

Oh look theres my machine that houses all my Hyper V instances.

I think this is very interesting but as far as actual implementation ive got a ways to go before I understand much of the current build
of this product. Well as far as the parts of that im concerned about learning such as the connection to the cloud and building/implementing
cloud VM solutions. I did start to watch a Pluralsite video series about this situation and found it to be somewhat less than helpful
as most of the technology displayed is way over my head involving really long powershell scripts. Perhaps youtube videos and technet articles
will get my connection chops up to speed. Ill dig around this week and see what I come with and perhaps post a part two of this situation.

Edit: Powershell is such an awesomely powerful and beautiful interface. It has the look and feel of playing a vintage guitar for all the right reasons unfortunatly im not overly skilled at this particular style at this time beyond just basic chords and I still struggle with landing a C shape

Edit: note to self, never directly link images from Google to a PhotoBucket, as it can be hazardous in the display/loading process

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