On to the Azure situation….

Ok so we have established that I use the word “also” when conjoining two major ideas but this whole post kind of feels like an
“also” running in tandem with the last set of ideas concerning Hyper-V. After doing some reading it would seem that the way you connect/setup
Azure servers and the way that you connect and set-up Hyper-V servers are similar. Not exactly the same as the interfaces are vastly
different but conceptually it seems like the same idea and in my naive state of understanding the depths of both technologies
I can only assume that the two would share the same concerns and growing pains. I feel confident that there is an attitude that one is
a superior technology among those who have been following a long for a while in spite of the fact that they both appear to be very similar.
Other than the obvious fact of Azure being hosted off site providing more of a “terminal” solution or interface for end users.

I feel like the long term goal, as I’ve said before is to remove physical hardware from offices and have a mostly off site based
solution. I dont disagree with this concept of having basic walmart style server farms that work with small business (under 60 users) any thing
larger than that might cause a problem resulting in a hybrid solution. Any way this is all math thats well outside my gustimation
of cost and band width support mentality. Regardless of my current notion of the big picture its still an interesting thing
to muse on.

I suppose we should move on with assumptions and start with some links so you perhaps have a frame of reference to work from? I am generally writing with the
assumption that you, the reader, are as ignorant on these subjects as I and that maybe together we can come up with an understanding
of these technologies by way of conversational dialogue. Boy that fact sure took a long time to establish didnt it? Any way, here are
some links

  1. Step by step installation of Windows Azure pack for Windows Server

I got really excited about this cause I was like Yeah I love that kid

 photo tumblr_m7rzhsFN4E1r5g54go1_250_zpscuo9rw9q.gif

Then I was all like dang that’s Boy Meets World not Step By Step but if it was a 90s version of an H.G. Wells novel (certainly not above the musings of television writers) its possible that Ben Savage looks like
a young Patrick Duffy.

 photo Patrick-Duffy-Wants-Step-Step-Reunion-Video_zpsn9k2vy4s.jpg

Am I getting off topic here? Possibly. I’m easily distracted by these sorts of things and its good to keep your “pop culture quotient” high, as “they” (whoever “they” is) say.

Any way this guy goes through a basic install that left me kind of confused as to the whole process. Some one more
experienced than I might understand this picture a little better. He starts to discuss setting up DNS records for off site servers?

Actually its pretty straight forward until this point, right here I start getting confused, before that its the typical screen shot
fodder that makes tech books seem overly elongated.

  1. “7. On the Database Server Setup page, enter the name of the database server or instance of Microsoft SQL Server. For single machine express deployments, this is the same machine you’re currently installing to (WAPPortal, for example”

FML, when did we start having to have a SQL database to login to instances of servers or what ever the hell we are doing here
This doesnt seem like it should more complicated than Hyper-V from a logical standpoint now my world has been set a doom.
Shouldn’t we be able to build a machine, have a web portal or a desktop icon, have a user login to it then have the environment
displayed? Im assuming we could have an in house DHCP server and then connect to a cloud DC for authentication and application of
GP? Establish a connection via some sort of secure channel, im assuming there would have to be some sort of in house DNS solution for this.
Obviously this puts effort on maintenance to a much a smaller level which may or may not be a good thing. Any way, some thing seems
wrong or missing about this. I think the point made here is Azure is not for low level nerds, such as my self, to understand.

Ok so moving on past that heart-breakingly disappointing article we have to check TechNet and see if there is any thing better.
I realize this a completely new technology but its on the 70-410 and I would like to pass that test at some point. Any way here’s the
TechNet series of articles on the situation, links at the top take you through the series (you get the general idea)

  1. Installing and configuring Azure

I like this series a lot but I think conceptually “contoso” is a little straining. They go into great detail about organizational structure in
test questions but there is no organizational information listed in this which makes it a little hard to “visualize” if you will. Also the disclaimer on that
page is a nice touch. There really isnt much else for me to possibly explain or muse upon here that isnt listed in that article series.
So until I learn some more, the pluralsite videos where slightly helpful from an introductory series stand point and paired with this
it makes a nice vague base platform to work from, im going to leave it at this point. We may revisit this in the future but as we venture
once more into the breach, dear friends, I fear it may be a while before you see another post from me. Hopefully Ill get some more books and continue to learn, Network + seems like
a really good idea as im not every strong in that section
and get yet another 70-410 book
(the lab manual situation seems like a waste of money in my case) if there is any degree of cooperation hopefully they will be obtainable. If not uha, I guess ill memorize the ones I have?
Until next time friends. Hopefully there will be a “next time” where I get to be a social person again. My life’s out of my hands though
and honestly wouldnt have it any other way. I realize im being vague but I have to move to a rural site without an internet connection
while on the brink of becoming an employed person in an urban area. Its rather exciting tail, I know, we cant all live the high life. Some
of us have to go to work every day 😉

As a side note tumblr is getting more accepting of the OL html situation. Its still hard to do lists within lists but it feels a little more reponsive to the code? Maybe im on html “tire kicker” at a used car lot too “would you look at that” haha

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