A case study in business class upgrades

Ok so lets make a fake scenario that I previously called a user story but thats not really correct nomenclature as that has to do with software dev
so I supposed we will call this a case study. Since im really new to HTML im going to be annoying with formatting for the sake of fun so please excuse.

Your company Stevie B’s Chicken A’la King A’la Carte (considering building a real website or possibly FB page for this fake business) has 60 machines all need to be upgraded to windows 10 pro (none of which are laptops because they are all being replaced in one
purchase order next year). Your domain is currently set at the Server 2012 R2 functional level as your company attempts to keep up with the latest technology.

basic requirement’s:

  • Min of 500 gig’s of harddrive space
  • Min 5 gigs of ram

So given that you have

32 vista total upgrades
Machine vendor of choice Dell
machine price per @ rec’d specs: $679 = $21,728

    • 7 windows 7 machines need only 2 gigs of ram and an extra 250 gig hard drive
      lics $199 X 7 = 1393

      240 pin ddr3 2 gig (seemed to be the most common ram type currently in prod) $16 per unit for corsair value ram (showing brand preference here and inferring a problem with calculating exact shipping totals due to lack of current stock from our vendor of choice)
      , a little better than the bottom of the line) x 7 = 111.93

      For some reason management ok’d testing SSD drive durability in response to planning future laptop purchases
      7 @ 87.59 per = 613.87

      Assuming shipping to be $20.00 after creating a Newegg premiere account, current lack of information on savings due to current stock issues.

      Here is the ram and harddrives that we chose to use

       photo 0AA0AB39-36E2-4E33-9CD2-3B86F1041ED8_zpsonlk16cv.jpg

      • Total = $2,138.8
        • 21 machines only require a new Windows license’s
          license’s $199 x 21 = $4,179
      • Norton ghost license cost/efficiency (is still a thing, its been a while since I did an upgrade at the one that I did was through
        a company that spent in a lavish manor when technology was involved) close to a 1k per 20 machines http://buy.symantec.com/estore/clp/productdetails/pk/ghost-solution-suite
      • Total cost using native imaging solutions and machine upgrades for all machines:

          • 60 machines = $28,045.80 + ~1k if we use Norton Ghost

      I realize that the organizational structure isnt perfect but its the best I can do given my current limitational understandings of HTML formatting.
      So im doing my best to make it look nice and organized. Perhaps we could insert a table here but not sure how tumblr will respond to that slice of code

      So next we need to figure out exactly how we propose to implement all this.

      Edit: so after trying to make the formatting better and drinking a few cups of coffee Stevie B’s Chickin A’la King A’la Carte decided that It would be a good idea (to switch to a wordpress site) to go a head and purchase the the 20 licenses from Symantec because we’ve been around a while and Norton was good to us back in the day but they really faced some stiff competition from other anti-virus products. So we decided to go ahead and buy the licenses because as a respectable company/organization we like to show respect to other respectable company’s. We may or may not use this softwear depending upon how well we are able to roll out in a test envroment using native Windows tools.

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