Ghastly ghost is missing a few outward facing spacely sprockets

So while doing research for Stevie B’s Chicken a’la King a’la Carte you realized that there wasn’t much material covering this Norton product
as an individual and not a corporate owner of the product. So you came to the conclusion that it must be a really easy product to use
or they have some phenomenal customer service if they ever plan on selling it. Any way here some links discussing the product since we cant
actually develop two action plans for implementation we will only make one, thats hopefully correct, using native Windows Server products.
In spite of that we still collected a few links (though we could probably pick up some links on what perspective to narrate from to ensure
that we use the correct pronouns while writing)

    Ghost links!

  • British guy talking in depth Mostly about backing up a pc
  • how to create an image
  • “going to Ghost a machine____shameless self promotion.”
  • Interestingly enough some official support documentation can be downloaded here
  • not sure why this site is hosting it or how good it is. I found an 80 page document on the Symantech site and it disappeared while writing this. Turns out this is not the driod im looking for. Poke around here for some blues clues or perhaps scooby snaks that may lead to answer for where that went.

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