The never ending ET for Atari that is describing creating an image using MSFT tools

Ok so moving on to installing Win 10 on our 28 machines, started here,
Windows Deployment Services to do this. WDS is a powerful tool and we need to install the role on our server (I think I might be able to do this through
the MSFT lab environments Ill try and see how long the click through lasts) Im little nervous that my instructions may be less than accurate as I dont have
a test environ but ill do the best that I can.

Configuring WDS

We are going to do this through PowerShell rather than the GUI cause its easier to type out PowerShell instructions without the images a click
through WMCSM would require but in case your interested here’s a YouTube video that I that watched with an excellent narrator.

So, moving on from that bit of information I guess a good place to start might be some TechNet white pages no?

Lots of info there. So clearly we are going to have to work out what Steve B’s internal address ranges are and figure out what kind of a subnet
situation our machines are on. Not so fun, not good with that but given that this is super basic I should be able to handle calculating an address range.
Im thinking Stevie B’s is probably a class B range size company so we will work out a meaningful (lol) address in that range that’s probably all ready assigned
to some one. I guess I could take the time to find one that’s available. We will see how that goes as this progresses and I’ll leave it up to you
to check that out. I think that looking up hosts and things is actually interesting, hopefully you do to.

 photo F6AB1717-A0F4-4663-9AF9-5D3C32BA8FED_zpsisqc7glx.jpg

Oh is now a good time to tell you my trainer at my first tech jobs name was Steve Fritz and he was like my BFF cause any question I had was directed toward
him until I learned how to use a website database? Could be where the name came from. He honestly kind of looked and acted, and basically was Mr. Rodgers. Unless he
hadn’t had any candy that day then he was more like this:

 photo 7D5611BF-7BBE-45D9-B9E6-0B5FBC184D92_zpsyy4ybdce.jpg

I guess I can relate on some level. Any way back to the topic at hand. Going through this white paper, trying to grab some screen shots and figuring out
a plan for deployment! Obviously it would be really complicated to try and configure the DHCP/IP ranges through PowerShell, it may be possible but
Im going to go ahead and assume using a GUI is better for this situation. However, as noted in the TechNet article:

    • WDSUTIL command-line tool – enables you to manage the full functionality of the server. WDSUTIL also enables you to script common tasks.
    • We also have a Technet article with basic set boot image and so forth then another
      more indepth article that has screenshots
      of the fabulous blue screen of success (PowerShell)
    • So we are figuring out there are multiple ways to pre-stage a machine if you’ve been checking & following the links, through DHCP and/or MAC address (saying and/or due to MAC adddy being
      tied into DHCP config) so here is a TechNet article about that
    • And before we get too far ahead of our selves we also need to talk about Sysprep in order to create the image we are going to push machines. There are alot of
      YouTube videos about this but this is the only one with sound. I enjoy silence
      as much as the next guy but verbal explications are helpful some times. The video is aimed specifically at Windows 10 (its also a little hard to follow but maybe if you where capturing the
      image at the same time it would be easier) but that’s what we are installing & the only problem is he doesnt actually use sysprep to make a WIM. He does configure an answer file though, I suppose we will have to figure out if we need one of those.
    • This video starts to prove the existance og Sysprep but hes booting into an enviroment
      then he launches some tool and we never see an actual .wim file created.
    • Ok, so given that there are lots of ways to create an image we are just going to say “create an image” using what ever technology is avalible &
      tomarrow we will figure out how we are going to push out our wim files to a machine and how an answer file works. Im starting to see why im in the
      sub 600s on the test, this seems so imple yet there are so many angles and ways to configure!

      Hopefully the formatting is not too aweful, im really pushing the limits of tumblrs text editor, possibly, and the amount of text my machine is happy with navigating. Sorry, writing from a netbook (better than nothing).

    Update: So Thanks to the help of a google group I found that Sysprep is indeed real and it works. Heres a video and a link to screen shots. The video is older but Im assuming the process should be the same!

    Microsoft Deployment Tool Kit

    Edit 2/11: I may drop this topic for the fore seeable future as its kind of a personal interest into how this tech works. Its not really covered that extensively on the test and I suppose rationally I should start to focus on the things that may help me to pass. Im kind of into this whole robotically retyping test Q’s as its kind of like going through flash cards.

    Edit 2/15: Heres a hangout from the google group and of course some how my mug became the starting frame on youtube. Thank goodness my web cam works : |. Well its the starting frame on the group page, not sure if that loads the same every time or not?

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