Question 50

Match the letters below with the corresponding numbers. (i tried to use a table but thats pushing the limits
of tumblr HTML, ie i couldnt get it to work)

1.A record

2.CNAME record

3.AAAA record

4.PTR record

5.MX record

6.SVR record

A.Alias record

B.Enables reverse lookups for a host record.

C.A host resource record maps the FQDN of any computer in the domain to its
IPv4 address.

D.Identify’s the exchange mail sever responsible for managing mail flow in
your organization.

E.Used by services such as active directory domain services or applications like office communicator use specific protocols that
enable communication.

F. This record maps the FQDN of any computer in the domain to its IPv6 address.

Answer:1:C, 2:A, 3:F, 4:B, 5:D, 6:E. This wasnt as complicated for formatting as I wanted it to be
Was hoping to get to use some additional coding but regardless heres the answer. Hopefully its legible.

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