Why are server tests so hard??!?

This morning while considering why the testing questions where so hard for a Server beginer such as my self I started to remind my self
of a drawing I was working on:

 photo B11CFAD4-9400-42C4-B363-D585D61D9A1F_zpsbyg2urxy.jpg

When I first started drawing I was horrible and I am still not amazing but I remember thinking that basic sailor jerry style bird that had
a very logical and rhythmically repetitious wing patterns where very hard to draw. It took a while to get that down and im still not certain
that I do have it down but I came to the conclusion that testing server questions require you to think in a more chaotic yet more natural pattern
as demonstrated in the crow wing above. I’m still having trouble with that but the point, I suppose, is at least recognizing it. This is just a
sketch that I’ve worked on for an hour or so and it still has lots of problems. like the over all basic bird shape and the engineering question of
how do you maintain the nike swoosh style natural lines of a bird not in motion that I just went out side and observed on this wonderful morning.
In this case there’s two engineering problems with that, for one this is a bird motion for two, im not entirely sure that I left enough room on the
right hand side of the page to express a more chaotic bird in flight or landing motion. Naturally I think a bird in flight would be slightly less
chaotic and lend its self to being an easier subject. However that would require a less spread out tail that would take up more space. Thus leaving
my only option to be redraw the whole thing and my preference would be on tracing paper. When I first started drawing there’s absolutely no way
I could imagined being able to accomplish some thing this pointed with a drafting tool. There’s so much chaos and rhythmical pattern that took years
to understand the transfer from eye to hand. I feel that students of server are supposed to be appreciative of the same thing when applying the logic
required to understand a domain. Its a bit chaotic at times and logically not quite as rhythmically symmetrical as you would want it to be but if you
understand the point it ends up being more natural. In this case I have a large book of Audubon
reference however all his birds are kind of static, as he had a very specific formula for creating them, which isn’t overly helpful to me in
creating this composition. Thus is also the case with administering a network. There are going to be times when as a network administrator that you
have to draw outside the lines of reference using the skill sets that you’ve learned from the masters of your craft. I would like to finish this
at some point, my only worry is time. Much like my worry of passing or not passing a server test in hopes of acquiring work of some sort. I suppose
that’s where some sort of calvinistic sense of fate steps in. Much like my faith that I will be able to understand IP math at some point. Currently
I seem to be able to relate numbers to meaning and based on the meaning Ive prescribed to certain numbers come up with actual equations that seem
correct. Not a very scientific way to calculate but a method none the less. Given that this is a seemingly new skill that my brain has learned the
prospects of being able to train my self to think in a way that produces results for subnetting both IPv4 and IPv6 seem significantly less impossible.

Stay thirsty my friends and remember that life isnt always as logically rhythmical as you would like, some times that bird your trying to
capture is in flight and your going to have to be able to handle that!

Oh in reference to the Sailor Jerry bird mentioned above, there is an image containing examples of that below and please forgive the seemingly pointless angle to the top wing
on the crow in my drawing.

 photo 0c3b3047da63c8351f1b60a08783bb0f_zpskmgy4or6.jpg

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