Zacker book, Chapter 5

I had hoped to get through this one on the same day as the previous one but that doesn’t seem likely. Ended up having a busier day
than expected. However, I don’t think I have any thing going on tomorrow. Wednesday Ill be writing on the night shift (hopefully) after
going to see a Norwegian band. Which reminds me that I should save the PDF ive been referencing to a local drive or check the text
before I go out. Regardless of how the timing works out it should be a fun night. Really starting to enjoy coding, as long as I don’t
push my self to fatigue, some thing that seems ironic to a person that spend that past two summers doing lawn care, from typing and thinking
its actually a lot more enjoyable than I ever expected it to be. My impression as a young man was that it was almost mindless work but
yet I seemed to enjoy the results it yielded. A bit selfish or short sighted of me perhaps.

My apologize for the personal dialog, now on to the important part. I suppose I could also say that Im leaving a few questions to type out
later if im feeling so inclined after retesting (and most likely failing) again.

Please read the header for this post
regarding the answer key situation for these chapters.

1. Which of the following terms describes the software interface through which a computer communicates with a print device?

A. Printer

B. Print Server

C. Printer driver

D. Printer management Snap-in

Answer: A, a printer is the software interface. This is a confusing term as its used very flippantly in some documents but the official
use indicates that a print device is the hardware that actually prints out the product, the printer sends the document to the
print server which sends the document to the printer using code that it can understand provided by the client local driver.

2. What printing configuration makes the computer with the locally attached print device function as a print server?

A. Network attached printer sharing

B. Network attached printing

C. Locally attached printer sharing

D. Direct printing

Answer: C, there isnt a lot in the gospels of technet about this from a definitional standpoint but the answer is cross-referenceable
and it appears in the text. It seems to be kind of an older idea as most of the searchable articles are on XP.

3. When planning for additional disk space for the print server spooler consider extra storage for ____.

A. Overhead in case of several smaller print jobs

B. The print server page file

C. Older less efficient print drivers

D. Temporary print device outages

Answer: D, there really isnt much conversation to be had around this point. Just kind of is what it is.

4. Can you install 32-bit print drivers on a Windows Server 2012 system?

A. No because Windows Server 2012 is a 64-bit platform.

B. Yes, because Windows Server 2012 is a 64-bit platform which comes with 32 bit support.

C. No, but you can install the 32-bit driver from a computer running a 32-bit version of Windows.

D. No, but you can install the 32-bit driver from a computer running a 32-bit version of a Windows.

Answer: B, you can install 32-bit drivers because a 64 bit platform can support 32 bit drivers but the reverse is
not true. So you cant put 64-bit drivers on a 32 bit system. This was a “checkable” question.

5. What is the purpose of the Remote Desktop Easy Print driver?

A. Easy print allows remote clients to print to local print devices via a print re-director.

B. Easy print allows admins to configure printers for users connected remotely.

C. Easy print allows administrators to print to remote print devices via a print re-director.

D. Easy print allows remote configuration of all printers

Answer: B, this is true for RDP connections are terminal style usage. For more information check the Technet
article on terminal printing.
Dont forget to hit that search bar with easy print driver and check out a few other articles. I know its
powered by bing but on an intraweb database searching system it seems surprisingly effective. 🙂

6. For a user to print, pause, resume, restart and cancel documents they sent to the printer, the user must have the
basic _____ permission.

A. Take ownership

B. Manage this printer

C. Basic print

D. Manage documents

Answer: C, basic print permissions allows user to cancel “his or her” own documents. I found the book verbiage on this
question to be a little overly complicated when implying the idea of individually owned documents being sent to
a print device.

7. You are setting up a printer pool on a computer running Windows Server 2012. The printer pool contains three print
devices, all identical. You open the properties dialog box for the printer and select the Enable Printer Pooling
option on the Ports tab. What must you do next?

A. Configure the LPT1 port to support three printers.

B. Select or create the ports mapped to the three printers.

C. On the device settings tab, configure the installable options to support two additional print devices.

D. On the advanced tab, configure the priority for each print device so that printing is distributed among the
three print devices.

Answer: B, you need to configure the ports mapped to the three printers per the the book text and cross-referencing.

8. One of your print devices is not working properly and you want to temporarily prevent users from sending jobs to the printer serving
the device. What should you do?

A. Stop sharing the printer

B. Remove the printer from Active Directory

C. Change the printer port

D. Rename the share

Answer: A, stop sharing the printer is the best option per the book. Check this article
for more information on implementing that process.

9. You are administering a computer running Windows Server 2012 set up as a print server. Users in the marketing group
complain that they cannot print documents using a printer on the server. You view the permissions in the printer’s
properties. The Marketing group is allowed Manage Documents permission. Why cant the users send documents to the print

A. The everyone group must be granted the Manage documents permissions.

B. The administrators group must be granted the manage printers permission.

C. The marketing group must be granted the print permission.

D. The marketing group must be granted the manage printers permission.

Answer: C, you cant print to a device without the basic print permission.

10. You are administering a print server running Windows Server 2012. You want to perform maintenance on a print device
physically connected to the print server. There are several documents in the print queue. You want to prevent the
documents from being printed to the printer but you don’t want users to have to resubmit the documents to the
printer. What is the best way to do this?

A. Open the printer’s properties dialog box, select the sharing tab and then select the Do Not Share This Printer option.

B. Open the printer’s properties dialog box and select a port that is not associated with a print device.

C. Open the printer’s queue window, select the first document, and then select pause from the documents window.

D. Open the printer’s queue window & select the pause printing option from the printer menu.

Answer: D, this one seems fairly obvious.

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  1. Your answer listed on question 4 is incorrect. The only way to install a 32-bit driver onto a Windows 2012 R2 server is via the system using the driver. In other words the correct answer to that question would be:

    D. No, but you can install the 32-bit driver from a computer running a 32-bit version of a Windows.

    As there is no inbuilt support that would allow for direct install through the server system itself.


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