Zacker book, Chapter 6

On to chapter 5, only 14 more question sets to go for this round. Leaving my self some room to go through the book again and possibly
go through the Panek book as well. Not sure if I will have time for that before my shots at exams are up but I dont imagine I would want
to quite studying even after those are over as Im sure the knowledge will transfer. However I did pick up a Network + book, I think I
mentioned that previously, as Ive found my fundamental/basic networking skills to be slightly lacking.

Edit: again, Please read the header for this post
regarding the answer key situation for these chapters.

1. Which of the following tasks must you perform before you can manage a remote server running Server 2012 using the
compmgmt.msc (computer management) snap in?

A. Enable WinRM on the remote server.

B. Enable the COM+ Network Access rule on the remote server.

C. Enable the Remote Event Log Management rules on the remote server.

D. Install RSAT on the remote server

Answer: B, this one was actually verifiable, its still probably good to read the RSAT tools link even though it has nothing to do
with firewall rules.

2. Which of the following PowerShell cmdlets can you use to list the existing Windows Firewall rules on a computer running Windows
Server 2012?

A. Get-NetFirewallRule

B. Set-NetFirewallRule

C. Show-NetFirewallRule

D. New-NetFirewallrule

Answer: A,C you could also specify certain parms to have them listed in an orginzed fashion. Like you could use the

cmdlet to get them really organized
or there are a lot of them I would test the recursive function just to see if it changes the results. Not sure if it would or not
I suppose that would be easy enough to test in a MSFT lab. They do time out rather quickly though.

3. Which of the following updates must you install on a server running windows server 2008 before you can connect to it using Server 2008
before you can connect to it using Windows Server 2012 SrvMan?

A. .NET Framework 3.5

B. .NET Framework 4.0

C. Windows Management Framework 3.0

D. Windows Server 2008 R2

Answer: C and B specifics like this are always a little tricky for me. I suppose I could put some effort into remembering 4.0
In addition here is an article
on this particular subject. Pretty sure Ill remember this one now.

4. When you run Server Manager from a Windows 8 Workstation using Remote Server Admin tools, which of the following elements do
not appear in the default display?

A. The Dashboard

B. The local Server homepage

C. The All Servers homepage

D. The Welcome tile

Answer: B, the local server homepage clearly cant display as your not on a server.

5. Windows Firewall is enabled by default in Windows Server 2012. How are remote management tools affected?

A. Both MMC and WinRM are blocked. You must alter inbound Firewall rules on the remote server.

B. MMC is blocked. You must alter inbound Windows Firewall rules on the remote server.

C. WinRM is blocked. You must alter inbound Windows Firewall rules on the remote server.

D. Neither MMC not WinRM is blocked.

Answer: B is true but a brings up an interesting point, at least to me, is server manager considered part of WinRM? Im assuming its the
same thing and you should be able to add any server in your domain to your Server Manager console as long as its a 2012 sever
without any issues. If you had trouble with that check out this TechNet article
on the subject indicating that WinRM should allow you to add any server in your domain. As MMC is kind of an out of date technology
it is not enabled by default and requires firewall configuration even inside the domain. Powershell remote management is very similar
but as with adding a server to your server manager it to requires you to specify credentials when accessing, for more info on that
check here

Theres also a video on this topic however you dont see him specify any kind of domain credentials when he adds a server to server manager
so perhaps we should investigate further so we are certain about this process. Any way for starters heres that video which is helpful for
question 8 as well as this guy is running server manager from a desktop

Ok so if we check with Technet on adding servers to server manager
about a third of the way down the page it goes into the process of providing those and it seems like it would be an intuitive process after use
as it basically describes it as being similar to a UAC prompt only you are only asked the first time and they are cached. So dont leave your
machine unlocked! That said, I dont have the luxury of using server so hopefully I dont miss an overly complex scenario question on the subject.

6. How can you remotely configure the firewall on several servers at once?

A. Use the powershell command set-netfirewallrule -name -enabled true

B. Applying the configuration change to the applicable server grouping in Server Manager.

C. Creating a configuration file for Jr. Admins to configure servers in parallel.

D. Applying a Group Policy related to Windows Firewall to the servers.

Answer: A, D would both work for firewall management. The TechNet article on using GP to deploy firewall rules is fairly old
so im linking a newer article in this case.

7. The Server Manager interface accommodates several servers, tested at nearly 100. What did the text (Zacker says lesson) highlight
as an element that can easily degrade Server Manager performance, and how to resolve it?

A. The Event tile generates a large number of records. It is resolved by configuring the types ages and sources of events.

B. The hardware resources of the Server Manager computer can degrade Server Manager. It is resolved by adding additional server memory.

C. The server’s screen resolution is set too high. It is resolved by choosing a lower resolution.

D. The amount of data the sever sends to all remote servers can degrade Server Manager. It is resolved by NIC teaming.

Answer: B, Adding that many servers can really tie up network and processor bandwidth.

8. By default Server Manager does not connect with down-level servers (for example a 2012 box could not connect to an unpatched
08 box). What must be done to properly connect?

A. Remote manage the down-level server by MMC.

B. Disable the Windows Firewall on the down-level server.

C. Add WinRM 3.0 and .NET 4.0 to the down-level server to ensure its patched

D. Perform an in place upgrade to server 2012 to all 08 R2 machines and lower.

Answer: C, as previously mentioned in the links and texts above.

9. Server Manager is properly connecting and managing your down-level servers. What tool do you use to add roles and features
to theses computers?

A. Using the Add Roles and Features Wizard in Server Manager to install the role.

B. Using Windows PowerShell to install the role.

C. Using the MMC and the applicable snap-in.

D. You cannot add a role remotely to a down-level server.

Answer: You could use A or B but generally its easier to use A. Regardless I thought it might be helpful to watch a video on the

There’s also a useful Technet article

10. PowerShell web access gateway allows ________

A. Users to remotely connect to their desktops.

B. administrators to remotely manage IIS servers.

C. Uses a command-line alternative to standard websites.

D. Administrators remote management of servers using commands.

Answer: D, this one is pretty straight forward. While we are on a role here why not put another video in here feature our buddy Rick Claus
he has a pretty decent twitter account if your into that sort of stuff. Its kind of sales demo but its still cool.

Thats all for this round. I dont know if youve noticed the punctuation issue with some posts have periods and some dont. I hope you dont find that
weird as the text does that as well. Not sure why and I have mixed feelings as to if answers are complete sentences that would require punctuation.

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