Zacker book, Chapter 12

This chapter is/was (subjectional use) about DNS. Its not horrid but I would still encurage checking out a few websites on the subject.

Here are some that I have found helpful:

The important thing to remember here is that before you can administer a thing you have to understand it. So while it may be fairly simple
to create records and create a zone, if you dont know what all it does how it works in a general sense its kind of worthless.

Please read the header for this post
regarding the answer key situation for these chapters.

1. Which of the following is not one of the elements of the Domain Name System (DNS)?

A. Resolvers

B. Relay agents

C. Name servers

D. Namespace

Answer: B, Relay agents deal with DHCP. Any way heres some cool techno.

If you play these two at the same time it makes DHCP seem really cool 🙂

    Relay agents

2. What is the maximum length for a FQDN including the trailing period?

A. 50 characters

B. 63 characters

C. 255 characters

D. 255 characters for each individual domain name

Answer: C, I was a little unsure of this one so I googled it. For more information on this topic I found the paragraph
located here to be useful.

3. Which of the following would be the correct FQDN for a resource record in a reverse lookup zone if the computer’s IP
address is





Answer: A, for more information about this I found TechNet to
be the most useful source for information.

4. Which of the following are types of zone transfers supported by the DNS servers in Windows Server 2012?

A. network zone transfers

B. full zone transfers

C. incremental zone transfers

D. partial zone transfers

Answer: B, C, there isnt much info outside of the book about this but here is a TechNet
article on how to create a zone transfer

5. In the fully qualified domain name which of the following is the second-level domain?

A. www

B. sales

C. contoso

D. com

Answer: C, contoso

6. Which DNS configuration item will forward DNS queries to different servers based on the domain name of the query?

A. Iterative forwarder

B. Recursive forwarder

C. Conditional forwarder

D. IPv6 forwarder

Answer: C, more information about conditional forwarders is available here.

7. The IPv6 host record is referred to as a(n):

A. A record

B. AA record

C. AAA record

D. AAAA record

Answer: D

8. A DNS server that hosts a primary or secondary zone containing a particular record can issue the following response to a query
for that record is known as a ________

A. Authoritative answer

B. Non-authoritative answer

C. Referral answer

D. Non-referral answer

Answer: A, again not much to discuss here. Please see the links listed in the intro for more info.

9. Data from a primary zone is transmitted to secondary zones using the following:

A. Zone transfer

B. Zone transmission

C. DNS Zone

D. Active Directory replication

Answer: A

10. The following feature is available only on Active Directory-integrated DNS zones:

A. Dynamic updates

B. Incremental zone transfers

C. Reverse lookup zones

D. Secure dynamic updates

Answer: D, more info about secure dynmic updates can be found here.

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