Confusing Server ideas, global group

So im on to studying practice test questions from measureup as
a precursor to my next exam. My idea is to study theses and basically memorize them until im above the mid 90s. Previously
I kind of felt like this was folly as the idea of a practice test is to gauge where you are in your studies however I came
to the conclusion that memorizing these would in deed further my skill set. So as I go through these im going to share some ideas
that I think are complicated, confusing or important material that may be skipped other places or that I personally seem to
struggle with. This is mostly to help me remember this information but maybe Im not the only person out there that feels that
some of this is overly complicated.

The first topic is groups. This gets so amazingly convoluted from a definitional perspective, as I’ve previously noted, and
measureup does a great job of pointing out the logical problems with the article on
group scope. It seems to be saying
that if you have a global group you can basically do any thing with it that you would do with a universal group. However, if we check
these sources we find some interesting differences.

 photo 2016-03-21 1_zpstrr2hijx.png

So if we are following a logic train in this question, it would seem from our previous experience, not using only studying, and
reading TechNet articles that we just need to add members.
However after checking the answer we come across this:

global group 2 photo 2016-03-21_zpslugl1oc9.png

Which doesn’t necessarily contradict the text in the group scope technet article but the technet article is a little vague on this point
dont you think?

So this begs the question of how is a global group in practice different from a domain local group? Other than you cant add people across
domains, if you want to switch a domain local group to a global you have to first go to a universal group im not really sure. This concept
is really confusing and seems like possibly an unnecessary group type as domain local and universal seem to cover all the bases after
you start to see all the short comings of this group type. Youtube is also not very helpful in this respect, hopefully Ill meet some one
that can clear all this confusion up for me.

Also, im using an HTML editor and im not sure if thats why the line spacing displays so strange on WordPress. Hopefully its still mostly legible.

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