A stripe-set also increases performance?

I know I said I was going to keep the logistical questions to a minimum but this is another great example of ideas clashing. So, in the previous question we are told to take a volume off line to create a pass-through disk to ensure high performance. So let’s check out the next question:

 photo 2016-03-21 16_zps7wccbfmd.png

There’s a whole lot of potential answers in the right hand section and two separate free space partitions listed in the example. While I understand that as pass-through disk increases performance this seems to be unimportant here despite the emphasis on performance in the question. Obviously these tests are not impossible as people do pass them but the logic is not for the feint of heart.

Any way here’s what “the book” says:

 photo 2016-03-21 17_zpsqcvroxt1.png

It almost seems to be a parody of the idea that you can take a test without experience to use as leverage for argument and expect some sort of promotion. Surprisingly, in spite of being bad for me personally, I kind of support this notion. I feel that the cream will probably rise and that things will be as they should with hard work in that respect.

Anyway, apparently a “stripe-set” logically translates to a global group as far as the lay people are concerned.


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