Pass-through disks

I got through about 40 questions today and it went ok, this is an example of “this logic is somewhat full of fail because of confusing or missing words” and there are lots of examples of this however I kind of understood where this was going.

 photo 2016-03-21 8_zpshoegasub.png

Ok, so I like to think that im a reasonably intelligent person how ever there are lots and lots of people out there that are vastly more intelligent than me and biologically superior. Its just a fact. Regardless, on to the topic at hand. This is talking about I/O
being important so Im starting think about this, just kidding I really meant
this becuase we are trained that pass-through disks are superior for performance.

However, no where in the question does it state that there is free space on the disk or if there is a volume created on the disk which
would require deletion. I’ve found these types of questions to be accurate in the types of logic required for testing.

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