More questions and answers that have no names

This post is going to be a series of questions, as im kind of working from the assumption that its a little more efficient way to do things. The first question is one that I was completely confused by. Im not sure if it just wasn’t really covered in material ive read or if it wasnt covered enough but it was certainly a head scratcher for me. Not exactly sure what else to do but attempt to write enough about the topic so that if I see something like this one again I can be prepared. I also learned a new HTML tag that allows me to do separations (line breaks) between questions, hopefully it will work on wordpress. Really enjoying this site, also really enjoying server and hoping to become employed
at some point so that I can financially afford to switch back to a client OS and get some certs on win 10 and work through this network +. A new computer and a copy of server would be amazing for both but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I did some work outside today and found it to be amazingly relaxing which is a nice change. In some ways manual labor really easier, I spend the past couple summers doing lawn work and
I’ve worked at oil change places before so I guess I have some room to say that. Any way, full steam ahead in hopes of finding some sense of
reasonable employment!

Ok so on to this first question that I was so clueless over.

 photo 2016-03-22 6_zpsmc1bt4cr.png

So we have a VM connecting to a SAN and some thing about a LUN. I understand the idea in that its some sort of storage device but other than that im essentially clueless so we should probably check youtube.

This is still slightly confusing up front with the conversations about ISCSI but other than that it all seems some what familiar, so im not entirely sure why it seems so horribly confusing however that video is a little thin, lets try an official msft video.

So this a great video with lots of awesome introductory stuff about JBOD, something else I didnt understand, double parity and an array of other topics but nothing about this specific topic. We may have to result to just technet articles. Bummer.

ok so this one is decent but im still kind of confused as to a having a “base line” understanding of the question being asked. At this point ive spent half a day on this one question. again, bummer.

oh, great here is this playlist that claims you will know everything you need to know to master Hyper V after watching all of them. Woof. There is actually a video in here by our faithful narrator in the previous that turned out to be not so bad. Ok im giving up on youtubers and coming to realization that again, the only confusing part of this is the nomenclature, using the phrase “connect to a LUN” means absolutely nothing to me. This
could be a result of the fact that I barely know what a SAN is or how it works. The worst part of this obscure part of questioning is that nothing on this TechNet article leads me to
a better understanding of the concept. Im sure Ill understand all this at some point but it may not be today, so lets just move on to memorizing the answer.

 photo 2016-03-22 7_zpsp3tm71yz.png

Well, that was far less painless than assumed, add an HBA, as previously discussed while neglecting the bit about a LUN, and create a
fiber channel adapter. Not nearly as bad as tooth extraction, again just overly complicated verbiage.

Ok, with this next one im just going to jump in and show the question and answer.

 photo 2016-03-22 2_zpsyskcohwj.png

 photo 2016-03-22 3_zpscvmfygbq.png

So it seems fairly confusing right? Sorry you cant see both answers highlighted but its Hashing mode & Switch independent. The explanation given seems to kind of cover most of it but I dont understand this hashing mode stuff, never heard of her. This is going
a little deeper in the sea of Hyper-V networking than ive gone before and im scared of getting the bends. Well lets see what kind of useless information we can dig up on this obscure byte of technology. this seems ok but it kind of makes it seem like this is one of those 100$ gaming NICs that doesn’t actually do much for real world performance.
A forum piece also exists so that’s helpful. Maybe this is the answer im looking for:

Address Hash is how you configure your team to load balance network traffic between the NICs in the team

Or maybe not, either way one thing is for certain, I think once you get used to blogging HTML is a superior format to word for document creation. I also think this one requires some degree of memorization as opposed to rationalization between the ideas.

On to the next idea thats hopefully more than random memorization however we could get a little more in depth with the NIC teaming situation but in the interest of time I think we will skip it. How about some some basic share permissions questions? cool.

 photo 2016-03-22 8_zpsg7lsrclz.png

 photo 2016-03-22 9_zpsg3hhaoqf.png

I find these to be endlessly confusing because supposedly if you have an explicit deny NTFS permission, it will win, thus ensuring no access. I realize that isnt the case but why wouldn’t adjust the the permissions is slightly confusing to me. But I can understand that the read + write will essentially be nullified in this case leaving you with the “share” permissions to modify to ensure change access. This can be very confusing
though and surely im not the only person that struggles with this.

So I know literally nothing about this next one outside of the idea of secure DNS updates and active directory integrated zones I’m literally clueless. It seems to have something to do with DNS sec (not even really sure what that is so I went with that.

 photo 2016-03-22 4_zps8rcucbkm.png

 photo 2016-03-22 5_zpsms9eusnk.png

Oh, thanks for in passing mentioning I should disable one of the other millions of firewall rules. Does this technology have a name?  I honestly dont even know where to start. I realize this is so far from helpful but what am I supposed to google here to try to figure
this one out, is god real? why is the sky blue? If I google the question I will at best come up with a similar question and answer.  So I guess we chalk this one up to memorize the answer or be very experienced with actually configuring windows firewall rules?
I suppose if I had server I could demo this but I dont so sorry guys.


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