More questions from measureup. Again, just going through these as I find some thing that peaks my interest for various reasons. Really excited about the first question involving VM snapshots vs volume shadow copies. The word choice is interesting and it brings up the point to me to where are VM snapshots stored. I kind of realize they are not the best way to restore a completely busted VM but it the case described with the answer im not entirely sure that physical drive shadow copies would actually be better than saving an extra copy of the vm and reloading it with a recent snapshot. Again its kind of coming down to “official” technology and semantics.

 photo 2016-04-04 5_zpsdn1zls9r.png

 photo 2016-04-04 6_zpscsdybzzo.png

It does bring up an interesting point, where exactly are vm snapshots stored. It doesn’t bring that up directly but i’m assuming that they are not directly stored on/in the VHD or VHDX file. I think I can agree that snapshots are not a complete backup solution because a
question of robustness comes up however the question says nothing about physical disk failure and in that case this becomes a question of storage array set up which in theory this has nothing to do with. Anyway back to the “where are VM Snapshots stored” bit.

In theory i’m right on par with what this seems to be saying. Now as to why VSS
which is not a native tool to Hyper-V specifically is a superior back up tool as to thinking of snapshots as a “roll back” type of feature is kind of beyond me but I understand it in theory. Still trying to find out the location of storage.

I suppose my real question is why are we not told to use VM replica as a backup as opposed to VSS? Given the options I can agree that VSS could be a better complete solution but still keeping replicas seems like best practice.

This next question is about windows firewall and RPD. I’m confused as to whether or not I know enough about windows firewall or if enabling RDP is really this complicated. Is this like a joke about more potentially complicated issues that could arise for admins or jr admins while working on server. If that’s the case then I could possibly understand.

However from watching this video it seems really simple to enable, no messing with cmd line tools.

And this guy goes on to show us that we can install the service and use a web portal. I thought I could only do that with PS, that’s actually way more interesting than figuring out obscure cmdline tools. High school algebra, man. Oh yeah, I guess we could get on to the question that i’m debating:

 photo 2016-03-30 8_zpssxumscqb.png

 photo 2016-03-30 9_zpskma8w3lr.png

Regardless, I guess its good to know these netsh cmds.


This one I didn’t find so much confusing as meandering. PS changes every year and it seems hard to keep up with, I understand the need for gui-less training things but why not create powershell drives the normal way?


 photo 2016-03-30 10_zpsesi92xmz.png

 photo 2016-03-30 11_zpsbr1xks9d.png

So we have to set the pool before we start a new disk, ok I get it. Still an a to b video about this process would be nice. Perhaps I could be that guy if I only had access to server. Oh well.

This will have to do for now even though it doesn’t use PS its still helpful to see this in practice.

I seriously doubt there is any one in the admin world that enjoys this level of dentistry regardless of its importance.

 photo 2016-03-30_zpsqrsyjxng.png

 photo 2016-03-30 1_zpswiflyfe7.png

DHCP is the most confusing testable thing i’ve seen so far and this is at about a medium level unless we are expected to know all the other “options” that are not this one. The other interesting thing about this is we have no idea how to actually create images. This
is such underwhelming information that I dont think I can handle it. I should be able to understand obscure DHCP states but not how to create a implement a useable .wim file. Lord help us all. hashtag parody data.

Ok again, we dont know how to create an answer file for an install but this is highly relevant information. On one level I suppose that it is helpful but from a practical sense I feel like some one is hiding the good stuff.

 photo 2016-03-30 5_zpszbvc1jf2.png

 photo 2016-03-30 4_zpsaogeogrp.png

 photo 2016-03-30 7_zpssc0nc8hv.png

Im confused about this one and absolutely too nubish to even know where to start to look for answer for how to write scripting things. I would honestly like to know how to execute a an answer file but if i could do things like that perhaps I would be employed. I guess I can chalk this up to “some thing I need to memorize?”


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