Mostly questions with easy answers, if you can remember the answers

Trying to have a productive evening while waiting to find out what happens with the call center job situation. Not sure what will happen but im excited to find out. I think my aunt will take me and if she does I agreed to let her just be in charge of any money that I make because I haven’t exactly been known to make the wisest of financial decisions over the past few years. The only things I personally would like to accomplish is ordering parts for building a PC and a server but Im not in a huge rush to get that done. Both are mostly for
study purposes and possibly checking out the new WoW expan but that’s kind of up for debate. Regardless I still feel this sense of waiting around for the next absurd adventure to happen. Perhaps that me subscribing to murphy’s law a little too much. Personal considerations involving safety and financial health aside I guess I can get into some questions. This first one Is just a mater of having a working knowledge of VMs strong enough to know what you need to do to increase start up ram and as you can see we need to actually shut down the VM

 photo 2016-04-02 4_zpsatu60x4h.png

 photo 2016-04-02 5_zps8axruoxz.png


This is kind of the same thing but gets into more details about what you can increase while the VM is running.

 photo 2016-04-01 17_zpsfunkcqvu.png

 photo 2016-04-01 19_zpszprytqk7.png

 photo 2016-04-01 20_zpsfqoxbkrq.png

This is actually a pretty good question as this doesn’t exactly explain these things in detail.


This one is a little confusing from the standpoint of what happens after I run this wizard and why haven’t I heard of it any where else. It makes sense but I need to do some more research on this little number.

 photo 2016-04-01 30_zpskauckcon.png

 photo 2016-04-01 31_zps5elamsl9.png

The answer really is straight forward, I just hadn’t read about this any where else. This guys videos are really good, he’s helpful and not condensing. As a bonus I think he actually enjoys teaching. Around 9 minutes in he starts discussing this tool. Its also interesting that he recommends publisher rules which Im understanding why as most applications in an enterprise environment should be signed.

lots of detail about applocker rules and TechNet is also helpful in this regard.

I found the complete answer to this one in one place (surprisingly) its just a straight forward setup and TechNet has the answer.

 photo 2016-04-02_zpsd9quffeo.png

 photo 2016-04-02 1_zpsq3aant5t.png

Sorry the second answer of using print management isn’t showing but if you read the linked article it lays it out pretty clearly so its not entirely needed.

Just some good old fashioned remembering of where to do things here, nothing complicated. Just all the tools start to sound the same after a while so it can get confusing.

 photo 2016-04-01 27_zpsgmv3mts1.png

 photo 2016-04-01 26_zpse0lhfmxu.png

So sconfig, which seems to do most things on core and netsh. I think I can remember this one but I still have no clue where to go in sconfig. Maybe youtube can be of assistance? And it delivers! Im not sure how I havent watched this one before but cases like this are exactly why I started studying like this.

Only hes not using sconfig, still helpful though.

Maybe this next guy will show us.

and he does around 1:55


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