More questions from measureup, some confusing wording mostly a-b ideas

Had a little trouble getting into gear with blogging the past couple days but I have been going through the 59 questions I missed the last time around on the measureup questions. I feeling like my knowledge of server outside of IP configurations is getting really good and thankful for the time Im getting to spend with it. Who knows what will happen or if I will get another chance to study it again after server 2016 comes out as I never imagined I would get this opportunity. Being poor isnt overly exciting but I suppose living an unpredictable existence is worth something. I also took some new screenshots of questions and mixed them in with edited and uploaded screenshots running the risk of duplicated questions but this is mostly for my own study purposes so if I cover an idea more than once I guess that just means im hopefully that much more familiar with it.

The first set today is about auditing permissions used to access a share, the idea is not just the username but the actual permissions that AD account has that allow it to access and object, if Im understanding the wording right. There really isn’t much complicated here other than correctly understanding the basic premise

 photo 2016-04-01 28_zpsphblnq3h.png

 photo 2016-04-01 29_zpsp8nmpnbo.png

One thing that I haven’t done related to this is find any material about auditpol settings and it seems like there is a fair amount of this so perhaps youtube has something for us? This first video is a perfect example of how not actually having a copy of server is
not necessarily a bad thing in that actual studies can be found. Its silent but its still fairly thorough though not specific to what this question is discussing.

This might be a little better as he is actually talking and explaining every step and hes using 2012 r2 however Im still not seeing audit detailed file share assuming its under the file folder then security? I guess we are just going to take measureups word on this for now and figure it out later. This is the part where having a running copy of server would be useful. However in practice it seems kind of like paying for the amount of up time that Hyper-V could provide and im a small company so at this point in time its out of my budget and I really doubt that it would provide a means for any actual income.


This one is really clear and I feel like I’ve gone over this before and I should know this by now, a DHCP relay agent requires remote access.

 photo 2016-04-01 11_zpssduqpba7.png

 photo 2016-04-01 12_zpshblmofq8.png


This next question is about a print server upgrade and the only thing thats actually of substance is the to me is the somewhat confusing wording as best practice seems to be to install another machine and migrate if you cant afford to have printers down at 3-4 in the morning. So maybe im confused about the intention. Perhaps they really did simply mean that they need the resources available after the upgrade? Is that just kind of a given?

 photo 2016-04-03_zpsy9yqzdkp.png

 photo 2016-04-03 1_zpsypw8wnim.png


For some reason I didn’t think that the exhibit in this was particularly exciting but the idea of a server using DHCP seems a bit off.  Normally I would assume that I would need to update DHCP if the servers IP had changed however that’s not the case, as you can see. Which actually it makes more sense to update the ip after the configuration changes take place. The explanation gets a little uha wonky when talking about the DHCP aspect when talking about the ipconfig /renew.

 photo 2016-04-02 16_zps7vig7chj.png

 photo 2016-04-02 17_zpsoo9a7rqc.png

 photo 2016-04-02 18_zpsutr7dzz8.png


Again, I feel like ive covered this before but if you use hyper-v migration features disks have to be in VHD or VHDX format for a complete list of requirements check here.

 photo 2016-04-01 15_zpsiydbu8vo.png

 photo 2016-04-01 16_zps6iuumhav.png


Thats all for now, hopefully Ill have some more later today and then soon be in the 90s on the pretest which could possibly lead to actually passing the 70-410 which I suppose would be ok.

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