Kind of a hectic few days at here at the chicken a la king domain HQ. I got a new phone in the process which is kind of amazing as I haven’t had a working smartphone in around 3 years. Back to work this morning. Feel like im getting close to understanding a good portion of the technologies involved in server. If I could just get undistracted from looking at Wolverine weapon x series comic books on ebay I would probably be doing a whole lot better as far as studying goes. Trying to read the 12 issues where logan gets infused with adamantium not sure exactly when he got his regenerative powers but possibly from this program? Or was that covered in the more recent Origins stories?
I have remember this stuff haha

Moving on we have a couple questions about protecting units from accidental deletion which has nothing to do with Wolverine’s regenerative powers (which seem to be part of the mutant powers he was born with) but there are several ways to protect AD object from accidental deletion which is what we are getting into with the first two questions. The first one of the two is about OUs which is basically like a GP folder and hopefully i’m not too far off on that explanation of the term.

 photo 2016-04-12 18_zpsnkqfognd.png

 photo 2016-04-12 19_zpsplvcreog.png

and as you can see we are referencing some obscure long line of PS code and clearly NTDSutil is the wrong answer. Just not too much to say about this other than wondering what the rest of the PS code is to enable this feature.


The next question, as previously mentioned, is also dealing with accidental deletion but this time its just a confusing wording. These can get really confusing because sometimes you honestly have no idea what they are talking about and you have to mentally go through diagramming sentences to start to understand these things. So i’m assuming this OU has already been created and you need to then add protection to it? Honestly
not sure.

 photo 2016-04-11 1_zps6gyd1hj3.png

 photo 2016-04-11 2_zpsr6qmgbuy.png

After reading the answer it seems like accidental deletion in this case is an idea that doesn’t directly correlate with anything that says “prevent from deletion” but you have to go through a process to enable some thing that correlates to the idea in a more or less accurate fashion.


I’m not exactly clear on what user account properties are, I’m assuming things like address but this is exactly clarifying it for me. However if I knew what it was perhaps I could be more pointed in understanding it so that I could answer this better:

 photo 2016-04-12 21_zps9qt4la7m.png

 photo 2016-04-12 22_zps22xi0nen.png

google image search is seeming to indicate that its basically any thing associated with the account other than the name so this actually makes sense as to using directory service changes.


Easy print requirements, pretty straight forward. The only article I find on the subject seems woefully inadequate when discussing requirements so im not sure where to double check this. I guess Ill just have to trust this one but I haven’t seen anything like this on an actual test.

 photo 2016-04-12 12_zpsk7etz9nl.png

 photo 2016-04-12 13_zpsn37cz9sx.png


SRP hash verses publisher rules are fairly simple. If they say signed or unsigned, if it’s signed you know its a publisher rule. However, in this case it doesn’t indicate those things.

 photo 2016-04-12 5_zps5waiuw2p.png

 photo 2016-04-12 7_zps4khb30pd.png

This one seems to mostly make sense as SRP and applocker rules are slightly different in form and if not overlapping in function.


This is honestly kind of straightforward as server 2 seems like an option but as you can see from the example its running 2008, attention to detail, very important.

 photo 2016-04-12 3_zpscrv6m9u3.png

 photo 2016-04-12 2_zpst1deqnmo.png

 photo 2016-04-12 4_zpsdtdrqhz9.png


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