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In the waning days of server 2012 I find myself reviewing the same items and as usual wishing that I could actually walk through in practice the ideas being displayed in the questions. However that’s not an option. The good news is that I did get a few days of work which brings my resume up to a more current position and the garden is producing its first tomatoes. I also had the chance to plant a nice small christmas tree looking dwarf fur this morning in a open spot near the front porch that has needed some thing for a while.
Thoroughly enjoying yard work these days and getting accustomed to the way of life of the american homeowner. Something I think most millennials are completely oblivious to for some reason. Thankful to not have to go through this process on my own as the concepts of yard work would be completely foreign to me as an independant person.

Im also sort of pondering ideas on employment. I assume at some point that if it’s good for me or the world or whatever then I’ll eventually get a job at some point. It is a little stressful to think about but its not really something I can choose to worry over as i’m being proactive and faithful in my duties with pre-employment and trying to be a faithful human with an attitude of servanthood being a priority in my life. Sitting around and not just waiting for a job offer while doing nothing to increase your personal value isnt a
very good way to commoditize your self. Weather you like it or not we are all commodities and we have the choice to make ourselves more or less valuable based on our actions. After our actions prove us to be true we have little control over what actually happens
however I find that the individual truly seeking to be a value add will not fear this unknown factor.

Anyway found some gaps in going through the front end of the block of 175 questions that I felt like might be worth covering. Who knows how many of these Ill do but I found that reviewing questions in this format was almost as helpful as actually going through
the process on the server in terms of committing the ideas to memory. Anyway heres some review:

Just an important note that 10 is a higher priority than 1. Not really too much to discuss.

 photo 2016-05-08 3_zpsxbfvgm7w.png

 photo 2016-05-08 4_zpsg5xtwgkm.png


Don’t forget MBR is limited to 2 tb. Nothing to do with data de-duplication but I guess the combination of factors and ideas generated a greater comprehension?

 photo 2016-05-08 5_zpspu1euxuh.png

 photo 2016-05-08 6_zpsvgozmald.png


Smart paging is confusing to me. From my research on a previous question it seems like a way, albeit sketchy, to over commit physical ram to hyper-v machines running on a host. This article appears to be be in conflict with this question:

Imagine that a host has been over committed and each VM is using the bare minimum amount of memory. Now imagine that one of the VMs is rebooted. Upon reboot, the VM will try to claim the startup RAM, which is not available because the memory is
overcommitted. This is where the Smart Paging File comes into play. Rather than allowing the VM boot to fail, the Smart Paging File is used to make up for shortages in RAM. Unlike the Windows Pagefile however, the Smart Paging File is only used by the boot process. It is not used for routine memory paging operations.

The only way to figure this is out is to actually test it which I may actually contact someone to ask. Ill decide if its worth that or if I should wait until I could possibly try it out for myself one day. Either way its an interesting proposition that will for now require a commitment to memory rather than it being a discussion as there is a right and a wrong answer.

 photo 2016-05-08_zps73mkjnzh.png

 photo 2016-05-08 1_zpsrnuit1pd.png

 photo 2016-05-08 2_zpsj1f0kaxs.png

The only problem with this conflict is that as previously mentioned the solution in this article seems like such a scrubbish solution to the problem at hand. Perhaps this can server as a horribly obvious reminder that not everything on the internet is factually helpful and this is probably for home users that wish to essentially overclock rather than an enterprise solution.


I wish it was easier to include more of these questions with lots of options but its such a pain to blog about them for various reasons.  I think in the end simply getting these two serves as a decent review for me. This also feels like its way over complicated. Like we are
not using a gui at all or what’s wrong with this scenario? This has the feel of commit to memory becuase it’s like high school geometry, possibly helpful but not very often. Tonight on scare tactics…

 photo 2016-05-04_zpsuureoobp.png

 photo 2016-05-04 1_zpsfxl66nej.png

 photo 2016-05-04 2_zpsjcnremny.png


This one is hard but makes sense to me as Im not sure of what to do with any other options. The idea of adding users to an admin group is a little nerve racking.

 photo 2016-05-04 3_zpsbwemmznt.png

 photo 2016-05-04 4_zpsixbaw07q.png

 photo 2016-05-04 5_zpsqddoaixb.png


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