Possibly the last post from measure up

This is my 15th post like this, if nothing else im persistent. I dont think I have a superior intellect when it comes to memorization, I mean I had trouble remembering the word ambitious today lol. So I guess im going to have to rely on my work ethic to get me through
this. I feel like it possibly could but we will see how it goes. Anyway here’s my possible last set of questions to post from measureup. Hopefully Ill have more of these to post at some point this year.

This is another one where I have no clue how I missed it, I knew this one. The printer one is slightly confusing but this one isn’t. Well it isn’t confusing once you understand the basic premise of what its asking.

 photo 2016-06-04 3_zps99cvnvs2.png

 photo 2016-06-04 4_zpsl7okymof.png

Honestly maybe im juggling too many things at once but if I wasn’t im not sure if I would be as good at the other three so I’ll just have to deal with it.

 photo brain-full_zpsqerwp1mz.jpg

This one actually is tricky and I have blogged it before but thats ok, im going to again just so the idea sinks in.

 photo 2016-06-04 11_zps2ad1qsmq.png

The exhibit shows absolutely nothing, not really necessary in this case. However I also feel that i selected delete the three volumes and so how the question shows up as wrong. I understand why im supposed to do that so Im not sure how I missed this one.

 photo 2016-06-04 12_zpsqihsm2xh.png

 photo 2016-06-04 13_zps3pkrofqw.png


Also pretty sure im 100% I know this one so again, not sure how I got it wrong.

 photo 2016-06-04 5_zpsxoggrfmz.png

I suppose its possible got I got the placement of the adapted and driver confused?

 photo 2016-06-04 6_zpstvhwe4iy.png


This one does actually confuse me because of what I understand about start up memory and how it works and how you can tweek it to essentially overclock your physical ram or allocate more than you actually have. But that’s not what we need to do in this case. Here we shut the machine down, reduce the overhead and try both after a restart.

 photo 2016-06-04 16_zpscosrb0el.png

 photo 2016-06-04 17_zpsbg1z3n6e.png


This one also genuinely confused me for some reason while taking the test. Looking at it now I realize that I know the answer.

 photo 2016-06-04 14_zps8199nauf.png

 photo 2016-06-04 15_zpsis9s428b.png

Makes me think I shouldn’t be spreading myself so thin in terms of what all i’m consuming academically.



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