someone got more free keys

About to get real busy studying again. So im just a little short of passing and spoke with the company that’s training me. I was informed that I could retake the class and
that they could give me new keys for the 70-410 and 70-411 which might help. In the spirit of doing whatever I can to be in a better place to take care of myself im going to go through the 70-411 until im in a passing range that I feel good about and try to test the
70-410 again and see where it gets me. Hopefully Ill have the last 50 points I need on
that one. Very thankful to be able to keep studying and to get some work. Hopefully this streak of luck or whatever will continue into real world experience with 16 best case scenario or keep studying. Hopefully Ill still have the funds for that! Any way I think Im just going to blog the majority of the 163 questions on the 411 practice test as even when I know the right answer there is probably still some information I can glean from the wrong answers.

So this question seems pretty straight forward but we can certainly glean some additional ideas of things that might be good to know serving as building blocks for other questions from the wrong answers. There are a whole lot of answers here:

 photo 2016-06-14 4_zpsn8weqhyu.png

 photo 2016-06-14 5_zpsaz8tknae.png

 photo 2016-06-14 6_zpsjulmtnxz.png

So i realize the answer involves associating a file type but the first problem I have here is i might logically know this but I don’t exactly know how to do it. I don’t have access to server however I do have access to youtube and can get the generic idea from this. Maybe on 16 ill have access to a server. One can hope! I do have this video that’s kind of helpful. I might have actually posted this one before.

So thats helpful but what do the rest of those things do?

    wrong answers

  • service utility – deals with services
  • dism – used to service images for deployment
  • copy-wdsinstallimage – copy an image to a location
  • windows application extension gpp
  • set-wdsinstallimage – from technet:
  • — Change the name of an install image.
  • — Change the description of an install image.
  • — Set the display order of an install image in the image menu.
  • — Specify an answer file for unattended setup of an install image.
  • — Set permissions for users or groups to access the image.
  • new-startergpo – creates a new starter gpo
  • AD users and computers- a management console in server
  • new-adsserviceaccount – creates a new service account that canbe used to logon to servers rather than having to rely on individual accounts

Now that we know that the other questions in this list should be less complicated and we can kind of just do question and answer for the
next two as they require less explanation.


However this one has a few additional que import-wdsinstallimage which should be somewhat self explanatory after the last explanation

 photo 2016-06-14 1_zpsqphnhtfr.png

 photo 2016-06-14 2_zpslwxuea1u.png

 photo 2016-06-14 3_zpsv8lprg20.png

So you can see from the previous one the only confusing option here is set or import and in this case its import. How I usually organize these is by folder names and I just create the sets in alphabetical order seeing as how this is actually question one but im cycling back through it. You’re probably not too worried about that anyway if you’re reading this.


As previously seen this requires a service account

 photo 2016-06-14 7_zpsztknufqu.png

 photo 2016-06-14 8_zpsehxo26qd.png

 photo 2016-06-14 9_zpsvinudggg.png

Easy enough, just pick the right nomenclature.

 photo 2016-06-14 10_zpswgnk7lsv.png

 photo 2016-06-14 11_zpsffksfv7p.png


This seems a little more complicated but like the rest of these only complicated if you dont know what your doing. Im to the point of sort of knowing what im doing. The wording around bandwidth is a little sketchy so that could honestly go either way but it clearly says scheduled so we can for sure get that part right. Single stream sounds a lot more steady than multiple stream transfer. There’s not a whole lot of information about this but if this is used a source of info I think we can take this question as an addendum to that. Im not exactly sure that I can reword the ideas but I think I understand them in theory. It would be easier if this were more defined but we are dealing with some pretty high level tech in this case.

 photo 2016-06-14 12_zpsep0uef3x.png

 photo 2016-06-14 13_zpsyaeu71wd.png

 photo 2016-06-14 14_zpsq75bsrvh.png

None of these have anything to do with reducing replication traffic, creating a secondary zone that is a copy of the primary zone is the only thing that will reduce traffic. If I was being as thorough as I should be I would make myself write out a definition for
each of the ideas listed here. A stub zone doesn’t do a whole lot and would essentially point clients back to the main server keeping traffic volumes the same. An AD integrated zone has more to do with secure updates and has absolutely nothing to do with this scenario.  Conditional forwarding just points all the traffic to another network which is probably not helpful in this case as its most likely trying to resolve from an internal name base. That info was rattled off without looking at the answer so perhaps im getting better.

 photo 2016-06-14 15_zpsybph797t.png

 photo 2016-06-14 16_zpsdw73xk8o.png


This one I am slightly confused by becuase its a setting within a setting a that almost always gets complicated. So beyond just memorizing this question I suppose the point of this exercise is to actually do research however when we read the answer we find out that there is an obscure bit of information that you could need to know involving the link speed (imagine that).

 photo 2016-06-14 17_zpsderdvk8q.png

 photo 2016-06-14 18_zps2nhdzwgx.png

Thats all for tonight but im going to try to get around 10 of these done a day in hopes that I can get that next 50 points in a timely manner. Really happy to get these keys and to possibly be going to class again!


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