Feeling good this morning, excited about going back to class. Cant believe it was actually suggested to me to help me get the last few points I need. I have kind of mixed emotions about the effectiveness but it seems like the only rational thing to do. I guess we will see
where it goes. I also had a job interview so things are kind of getting better on that front. I went to the interview and another company instantly tried to send me to another location for a interview for a temp to perm spot. Its a little too far for me to comfortably get to
every day as there would be about a 2 hour marta commute then a 15 dollar uber ride each way. So much money and time. I guess if it’s offered I should take it and just save for a car but dang thats a whole lot of travel. It would give me lots of time to read though. Anyway lets get into these questions. This first one is actually somewhat tricky I felt less so about the other ones. I also cant believe its been a year since I started this server journey!

 photo 2016-06-23 10_zps4a08uzg6.png

 photo 2016-06-23 11_zpsg77smto2.png

So just remember to do backup if you need to replicate an auditpol. This still doesn’t feel like a complete answer as I have no idea how to actually replicated this import/export process and I highly doubt there is a tutorial on the web any where other than the technet articles for backup and restore.

This one’s easy, just use the recycle bin or restore them.

 photo 2016-06-23_zpshzxn7vs6.png

 photo 2016-06-23 1_zpsf6gaadvn.png

The use AD admin center feels some what vague though insinuates basically the same thing as the recycle bin so i’m kind of confused by this. Im sure there has to be some thing out there in internet land.

 photo 2016-06-23 3_zpsan4qsxdl.png

This is actually very helpful though it has little to do with the topic at hand.

Another helpful tutorial though it has no sound however I think the conclusion im coming to is there are many ways to restore objects and test takers need to be prepaid to deal with any of the options on test day. The other thing of note is that interfaces change so
its probably best to test any methods you see youtube before attempting to rely on them in a live environment.

Unless its this because the recycle bin seems very reliable:

I found this DNS question somewhat confusing but i’m not enough of an expert on the differences between non ad-integrated dns and ad integrated dns to be able to really debate the question. Then if I was an expert on these things I would be less worried about the literally infinite number of questions related to a process such as this that I may not know (see above). Still the question feels vague as if im every time supposed to link security efficiency with something vaguely having to do with secure updates. Not exactly following the line of logic here.

 photo 2016-06-23 6_zpsuz2lphvy.png

 photo 2016-06-23 7_zpst0nqwnqm.png


I think this one is really simple and im not exactly sure how to explain why im including it. Posterity?

 photo 2016-06-23 14_zpsn1g4ar9a.png

 photo 2016-06-23 15_zpsrmgqhg1b.png

I also feel that this one is pretty straightforward though if I was really strong about I was doing I would probably respond with what all the other options did (hopefully im not being redundant) but it would be kind of pointless as the answer key gives us that info. However the point of this exercise is to be able to learn each of these answer.

 photo 2016-06-23 8_zpsys6twjz0.png

 photo 2016-06-23 9_zpstiwmyibk.png

I really really like this question, its basic and it has a solid impact. If you set a GPO as enforced it will ensure it doesn’t get overwritten. That sounds really simple and it kind of is but gpo application can get intense.

 photo 2016-06-23 4_zpsccpxewlg.png

 photo 2016-06-23 5_zpsr4x6qcu1.png

I think this is easy but im not sure why delegation of control wizard is not an option. I also tried to add a mustache to one of the photos using the photobucket editor and that didnt exactly work. completely unrelated notes but I guess the point being you can assign permissions using AD users and computers. However, like everything else realize there are many places to do this.

 photo 69bcd84e-b8d1-41d3-a68a-033a2f6c0ea0_zpsptdvyucq.png

 photo f569f140-5a90-4606-95ec-d7c856a2a9d8_zps4a6hk6ot.png


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