specifics what?

So im starting to feel like I sort of know what Im doing with server and kind of debate some of these answers as well as debate the relevance of why they are asking the questions they ask. In this set of questions there is one thats such an absurdly specific reminder
of why these tests are so hard, they can ask you literally anything from a huge knowledge base of almost random things. Stuff that you would for sure use google for as opposed to actually having it memorized. I think the point of asking those questions is a reminder that this is really really hard. Its also really really fun if you enjoy challenging things. Fortunately I do.

This first bitlocker question is really cool, I realize that cool might be a bit of a stretch for some people so perhaps interesting would be a better word. So anyway there’s a BDE key issue, what do you do? We are obviously working from the standpoint that the computer is
currently up and running and that the HD hasnt been removed. The two answers I honestly didnt know before hand but are fairly simple. I would have assumed that there was a snap in for this but given that i dont personally have any BDE machines I couldn’t try it. The PS command is just remembering I suppose. It does make me wonder about current process for enterprise BDE key man. I also think BDE is generally worthless for
individuals unless you’re paranoid or doing something illegal. I know I pull hds from old machines and reference data on new builds. It might not be best practice but its easier than transferring data.

 photo 2016-07-01 20_zpsj2xyjkoe.png

 photo 2016-07-04_zpsfxs9i7no.png

 photo 2016-07-01 21_zps6dsvjnhe.png

This one we kind of discussed in the last post. So you can restore AD account objects through tombstones but you loose some specific data that’s included with them such as what groups the account is a member of. In this case they are suggesting that an authoritative restore is the way to go but my question is where is that restore launched from as they don’t seem to be providing that information. Im not certain that its
absolutely necessary but to know that I guess from any DC that has the back up on it? Im realizing I could know more about this so perhaps its good to watch a video on an authoritative restore? Also once you do this does it replicate to your forest without additional configuration? I feel like thats something that I should know.

Going to start with this recent video:

So one min into this we can see that this guy is suggesting its a good idea to do a force replication. Theres a lot going on here a lot of talk Im feeling like its a good idea to watch this one more than once becuase im not absolutely certain as to what hes doing at times. Anyway, here is the question:

 photo 2016-07-01 22_zpsskmhw5nu.png

 photo 2016-07-01 23_zpsppssbquo.png

 photo 2016-07-01 24_zpsgggy2wn4.png

Easy enough, no gMSA if your not on 2012.

 photo 2016-07-01 14_zpsox9twghs.png

 photo 2016-07-01 15_zpsjjhhqnae.png


This one is not overly confusing just make a group and apply a PSO as long as your on 08 or better at the forest level. The only thing that can be confusing is the number of options. They make it seem more complicated than it is.

 photo 2016-07-01 10_zpswxtapg8p.png

 photo 2016-07-01 11_zps8xtmbaur.png

 photo 2016-07-01 12_zps36vxxmmn.png

Again not much to talk about here, just another locational concept to remember that probably won’t be on the test but more information is better right? You honestly could see something similar though and the domain concept could be important but then we would need to know when to use the .com for the dom and when not to.

 photo 2016-07-01 8_zps7q8eqmeg.png

 photo 2016-07-04 1_zpsubuvd3gb.png

 photo 2016-07-01 9_zpsvtidncyk.png


This one is just weird, I have no idea what RDC is nor do I think I would find really solid readily available information on it nor do I think its more important than the discussion of SCCM. honestly WTF?

 photo 2016-07-01 16_zpspaqjca6i.png

 photo 2016-07-01 17_zpsoofcbhyt.png

This is the absurdly specific info that I was talking about having to use google for in the intro. I refuse to use brain space to memorize this at this point. Honestly maybe once I was better with the basics, like I completely understood how and why to do an authoritative restore then I would consider it.

 photo 2016-07-01 18_zpswaxkawii.png

 photo 2016-07-01 19_zpsc3nqaylz.png

I had to crop it weird becuase of the crazy long info on version types.


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