one day im going to pass this test

I guess im writing less text these days because Im conceptually starting to understand things a little better. The 70-411 questions are a little more in depth but the general knowledge base of questions still seems to be the same. I doubt I will have this bank of questions done before I go back to class but I should have a good chunk of it done which should lead to a better understanding of what’s demonstrated in class. It seems like almost an impossibility to get that last 50 points but it might just be doable. We will see how it goes. Then it still seems like a long shot with a certification of finding some kind of employment but the best I can do is try at this point in time. Hope for the best and trust that society rewards those that work hard. However I do have to say im getting a great deal of satisfaction out of what im doing and realizing that im extremely fortunate to have this opportunity as a job at a kroger or something like that seems to be off the table.

The first question is about proper addressing in what im going to refer to (probably incorrectly) as a domain PS line to find a specific OU when using ADSI to create a rule. Im glad that they include a little of this as its generally over my head and it seems like its some thing best left for programmers but given that it could still be around when im of a level of understanding thats good enough enough to use it I would love to learn it. I dont really care why we are not creating a GPO and using ADSI instead but the naming conventions should stay universal if using a command line style format. Canonical name (nice bible reference there msft), org unit, dc, dc.

 photo 2016-07-05 11_zpsnswy6tcu.png

Exhibits are rarely helpful and while im on unfamiliar territory im pretty sure this is still the case here.

 photo 2016-07-05 10_zpsd5lryfoo.png

 photo 2016-07-05 12_zpsv6gfj5zo.png

However the answer is actually extremely helpful. Just wish measureup provided links to videos in some cases or made them.


This one is a little different and a good reminder of just what NTDSUTIL can be used for. The PS string is also a nice reference.

 photo 2016-07-05 4_zpszm4s3ez9.png

 photo 2016-07-05 5_zpsd1e2w4j5.png

I would absolutely love to see a WSUS server and updates in the field. Ive had the opportunity to see some really cool stuff in practice lately but this is one of things I want to know more about in an “in practice” setting. Im so thankful for the opportunities ive had so far but seeing this would be really neat. Im not sure how to do this but there are a few youtube videos on the subject, assuming its probably a good idea to check with some of those. I suppose its an important note that IIS must be installed before you can have WSUS (pronounced w-sus)

I found this one kind of helpful but there is a plethora of videos on this topic with varying degrees of relevance.

 photo 2016-07-05 6_zpsanlnwnk4.png

 photo 2016-07-05 7_zpsujz1szi5.png

Not a whole lot to talk about here other than the basic question of how do I set up a data collector set. Is this different from establishing one in permon on a client machine? Can I assume that this is getting the same info and can I set this up on one machine and monitor another machine? Im going to say probably but im not sure how to do it off the top of my head.

For not im going to assume that we are doing this locally on one server and that it works like this.

 photo 2016-07-05_zps66exikp1.png

 photo 2016-07-05 1_zps8cgyydea.png


This one is interesting because there are a whole lot of ways to create file shares and as in this case audit file shares. Turns out it this case its the simple method and they do a surprisingly good job of explaining the other options in the answers. However I still don’t know specific examples for expression based auditing. Im sure ill figure it out eventually though.

 photo 2016-07-05 8_zpsoqizdwgb.png

 photo 2016-07-05 9_zpsqzlc8vjk.png

And as usual TechNet has some what of an answer available for us. So according to that expression based should be dealing with something involving read/write but I would love to see a targeted question just so I could clear up for myself exactly what it is.

This question seems tricky but if you have any experience even using these sorts of technologies the answer becomes apparent.

 photo 2016-07-05 2_zpszgrdw8nu.png

 photo 2016-07-05 3_zpsr3lhumnu.png


Well if two is a replica then it should replicate so that only leaves two answers and deferred wouldn’t have anything to do with bandwidth.

 photo 2016-07-05 13_zpsfvrdaabh.png

 photo 2016-07-05 14_zpsih0yrrhc.png


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