Lots of ideas, not so many words

Kind of excited this morning. Going to find out how often I can get free measureup tests and possibly order books for the 70-411 based on the answer. When I was younger I really wanted to get heavily involved in call center ops and that actually worked out however my life kind of fell apart as things started to get going. Maybe if I with a little luck I can eventually get an systems admin job and that I feel like would be a long term sustainable job that would really be an amazing adventure. For now the only thing to do is to keep plugging away at studying. Im realizing that after going through the 70-410 so extensively a whole lot of these questions are basically the same material and not much more complicated so I dont have as much to really go in depth on. Im really learning my stuff about server and its quite exiting. I really do love this stuff so much so that I have 3 new books on the way that are all about the 70-411 but should have some questions in them that I can use for blogging. I have a feeling that that the text will be mostly redundant
reading at this point.

The first question is about using encrypted file system and DFS. The obvious answer to this that that EFS does not work with DFS. IT clearly states in the answer that encrypted files are not replicated.

 photo 2016-07-09_zpsjcsoa6nr.png

 photo 2016-07-09 1_zps7yita0sb.png


I actually found this some what confusing. I actually said use from the full back-up as opposed to the system state backup because a system state backup to me seems like a lot of unneeded process info that could take longer but as I have never done either one in practice I have no idea of the length of time that either would take. So any way they want you to say do a system state backup, non-authoritative seems obvious as new records could have been created.

 photo 2016-07-09 4_zpshqwkjppo.png

 photo 2016-07-09 5_zpswleutikf.png


This is one of those weird one off type questions that unless your a really experienced admin you will possibly miss it but once you know the answer its really easy to remember to click the second tab for this type of specific info when configuring a NAP pol.

 photo 2016-07-09 12_zpsvhauy3cv.png

 photo 2016-07-09 13_zpsecgja24f.png

 photo 2016-07-09 14_zpsrwa1oswo.png


I had no trouble with this at all. Configuring a GPO is literally the only option for client side config of a NAP.

 photo 2016-07-09 8_zpsrnvvtcpr.png

 photo 2016-07-09 9_zpsnxszdbfd.png


This one I got wrong because it seems complex enough to demand the use of PS (it doesn’t) and is a great example of where I think this product could be improved with videos.  Im coming away from this question with having no idea of how to actually do this and youtube cant help with this obscure of a question but if I had a copy of server and a machine that could run it I could create a video for this.

 photo 2016-07-09 2_zpsaebmsthx.png

 photo 2016-07-09 3_zpsewfylsir.png

Im actually not exactly sure what a RAIDUS server does so I guess I should start there before I start trying to fill in the blanks. Apparently its a type of VPN access to networks, which is kind of what I was thinking however I was thinking the answer was an authorization pol which is incorrect as the con request pol allows you to get a little more detailed.

 photo 2016-07-09 10_zpsau2tyu0o.png

 photo 2016-07-09 11_zps0n0jdnnx.png


I found this to be a little odd but I understood what they were trying to communicate and came up with the right answer. You don’t want actual NLB but you want a little bit of equal distro going on.

 photo 2016-07-09 6_zpsqnpwpcc6.png

 photo 2016-07-09 7_zpsrokc1pqw.png


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