some useless reminders and some good stuff

Some of these today are actually very complicated confident reminders that people that pass this exam are expected to be experts on all sorts of technology they may not even be fully aware of. Im kind of excited by this notion but im reminded that that my capacity for studying some of these technologies is limited by my access to resources (being a copy of server or a live environment) which is kind of cool cause I feel like rocky in that one movie where he’s training to fight the russian dude.

This question is a bit confusing and it feels like there could be a better process for this and im not entirely certain I understand the idea. How does a user create a certificate that follows him that has nothing to do with AD? It just feels sketchy for some reason and like someone justfigured out that it randomly worked.

 photo 2016-07-12 6_zpsuhzldfcz.png

 photo 2016-07-12 7_zpsatnow4nq.png

 photo 2016-07-12 8_zps3ha7cpcn.png


This is confusing because it seems like the question is giving a definition while expecting an identification of the definition or its just too complicated. A PSO is my first guess becuase it seems logical however in order to understand the question you have to know the answer of each one.  There’s not much that I could possibly discover about this from books, google or youtube because its fairly obscure info.

 photo 2016-07-12 4_zpsdvgsu6hn.png

 photo 2016-07-12 5_zps1uxsgwq4.png


This is getting complicated. I’m honestly confused by radius stuff and i’m really hoping that books can clear up some of this for me. I don’t for see it being on the 70-410 but still understanding the fundamental principles could help me understand other things. Any way, I found this video to be somewhat helpful.

 photo 2016-07-12 14_zpsvro4bceq.png

 photo 2016-07-12 15_zps4xhuthen.png

 photo 2016-07-12 16_zpsjeuhi3gz.png


This is a freindly reminder of how deep the rabbit hole can go when considering testing.

 photo 2016-07-12_zpsapwyfgwu.png

 photo 2016-07-12 1_zpsvsgavtg1.png

This one isnt too complicated, just basic configuration stuff. Perhaps a knowledge of this direct access tech but the description in the answer should be enough.

 photo 2016-07-12 11_zpsk2wldsec.png

 photo 2016-07-12 12_zps1yrlg9td.png

 photo 2016-07-12 13_zpsvdzwool8.png


This is one is hard to understand the idea you they are trying to convey but once I understood that the machine was offline and the network was not connected to the outside internet you start to understand this subnet is setup to utilize the old fashioned sneaker network which requires exporting and importing.

 photo 2016-07-12 2_zpsevxnalny.png

 photo 2016-07-12 3_zps0guup1is.png


This is that good stuff that I do like. Thank you for posting this.

 photo 2016-07-12 9_zpsoovpbffp.png

 photo 2016-07-12 10_zpsipy9n4lb.png


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