Lab manual ch. 2

Felt a spot sluggish today (my best english accent while typing) so im getting started on chapter two a later than I wanted to today. Any way
guess I could get to typing.

Mindset question: What factors must you consider when deciding which server to place the WSUS on?

Answer: This is going to vary based on the size of your infrastructure but it probably shouldn’t be the same as your DHCP or DNS servers. A storage server
could be a possibility depending upon how often its utilized and the times that you are doing updates, which will most likely be late at night and
in that case a storage server should be ok. That said im honestly not experienced enough as an admin to be able to say the most practical solution.

Question 1.: What does the %windir% folder represent?

Answer: Honestly no clue, going to have to google this which is exactly why im doing this. Apparently its a black metal band from norway? that
wont help me when talking to a computer…ok so apparent this is what is, (not going to link it use google) variable for the windows path so its just a
‘shortcut’ to C:\windows or wherever you installed windows.

Question 2.: What option would you pick to store the database on a dedicated SQL server?

Answer: so this is talking about WSUS and there is clearly an option labeled database.

Mindset question: After the WSUS server has been installed, in needs to be configured so that it knows where to get the updates from and what
to download. If you where getting updates from the Windows update, what would you need to configure, similarly as you configure internet explorer to access
the microsoft update website?

Answer: After watching a few youtube videos im only slightly confused by this. The only place that you can select are msft and another server
within your network. The only thing that could possibly require configuring is your firefwall to concact msft servers for a list of sites that
a WSUS needs to concact check here. For more
information on an exact configuration I found this video to be helpful.

Question 3.: After syncchroizing from another WSUS server, what default port is used?

Answer: This kind of tricky question but I did find this:

Configure the firewall to allow communication for the HTTP and HTTPS ports used by the WSUS server. By default, a
WSUS server that is configured for the default Web site uses port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPS. By default, the WSUS server
uses port 8530 for HTTP and port 8531 for HTTPS if it is using the WSUS custom Web site.

Mindset Question: You have hundreds of clients that need to get windows updates. Rather than configure each computer one-by-one,
what would be the easiest way to configure all of the computers so that the computers will get the windows updates that you specify?

Answer: Create a gp, see the video

Question 4.: If you don’t use group polices to configure client to use WSUS how would you configure the system?

Answer: Manually configure the clients individually to point to your wsus server as the windows update server. For info on how to do this
click here.

Mindset question: The WSUS server has been configured and the clients have been configured to get updates from the WSUS server. before you approve updates
what should you do first?

Answer: test them on a few clients to make sure they dont mess up proprietary software or any thing that’s critical to user job functions.

The last thing in this chapter asks to describe at a high level the steps needed to run WSUS reports. I think we should be able to find this on
youtube or technet becuase I honestly have no idea how to do this. oh wow, this is an hour and a half. I hope its interesting.

This appears to be the same thing only shorter, TechNet.

that doesnt exactly paraphrase does it? It looks like your going to need SQL, and report viewer and then your going to need to configure the
re|ports. The guy in the video goes into some serious depth. Hopefully I will watch it at some point today.

Any way there are also the lab review questions:

    lab review questions

  1. What are the two types of databases that WSUS supports?
  2. Where two sources can a WSUS server get updates from?
  3. In WSUS, how do you specify which computers get updates?
  4. What is the easiest way to configure the clients to use a WSUS server?
  5. By default what is the HTTP and the HTTPS url for WSUS?

1. SQL and WID

2. another WSUS server or msft

3. this is done via GP, you can specify which applications get updates in WSUS and enable client side targeting, maybe this is helpful
client side targeting.

4. GP

5. port 8530 for HTTP and 8531 for HTTPS


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