lab manual ch. 3

Second set for the day, these chapters are relitively short but these questions are kind of a gold mind. Also got a new book today so I have two lab books to go through and two other books that are supposed to cover a test and the measure up tests. The measure up tests are probably the most helpful and I should probably get back to those asap so they don’t expire but I’m really enjoying this lab book as the format is slightly different.

Mindset Question: Traditional log files give an administrator insight on what a system or program is doing or any errors that might have occurred. What does windows use to store Windows logs and how do the logs differ from the traditional logs?

Answer:This is confusing are they talking about event viewer, im assuming as thats in context with the book? Windows uses event logs and event viewer? Is this what they are looking for? Maybe this is helpful.

Question 1.: How many events appear in the system log?

Answer: this isn’t really a helpful question as it’s doing an action then asking the question, same with the next 12.

Question 13.: What are the primary systems that you can monitor with task manager?

Answer: processes, apps, services, pretty much any code that’s executing on the machine.

Question 14.: What system is missing in Task Manager that will greatly affect system performance?

Answer: Honestly have no clue what they are talking about here.

Question 15.: Not really applicable.

Mindset question: What are the four primary systems that affect overall system performance and how does one of these systems cause a bottleneck?

Answer: processor, ram, disk I/O and networking. graphics if your a gamer.

Question 16.: What are the primary systems that you can monitor with resource monitor?

Answer: CPU, disk, memory and network

Question 17.: What process is using the disk the most?

Answer: currently chrome on the machine im using

Question 18.: What ports is chrome using (edited for context)?

Question 19.: its actually using several ports spotify is only using one though, maybe thats a better example at 50704

Mindset Question Both perf mon and task manager can help you view the systems current performance. What are the advantages of task manager and what are the advantages or performance monitoring when looking at

Answer: well the obvious thing being that you can end tasks in task man but perf mon gives better real time info in a nice dashboard.

Lab Review Questions

  • A busy server over a significant period of time will have hundreds, or even thousands of events in EV logs. What do you need to do when
    scanning through the EV looking for certain relevant events?
  • What can you use to have one server catch errors from multiple servers that are displayed in the Event Viewer?
  • What program allows you to see a history of recent changes?
  • What is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor current running programs and processes and allows you to stop those programs and processes?
  • What program allows you to monitor the four primary systems that affect the overall system performance?


1. use the create custom view, check this out around 5 minitues in

2. The video listed above also talks about the forwarded events from other servers and setting up event forwarders.

3. Im not really sure what they mean by this. Is this changes to the system or like change log of what was installed, that’s under event viewer.

4. task manager?

5. resource monitor


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