I have no idea what Docker is

This may end up being fairly brief but to be honest I had no idea what Docker was or any of the relevant technologies that are associated with it. I started studying some at work and it feels like my coworkers are getting annoyed with me. I’m sure they wont read this blog or even mention it. I’ts more passive than any thing. So shifting out of the ongoing saga of the annoyance of extincting passionately lets learn about Docker! I’ve seen several questions about Docker mostly related to installing and configuring to a lesser degree but without having a grasp on what the technology is that your working with its hard to really know why things are the way they are. I’ve seen questions in both exams on this topic and may at a later time update with more images however at this time I’ve only chosen to include one. And again, I’m sure I’ll never see this tech in the field but I’m a passionate person that loves to learn about tech. Kill me for that right? Lets only learn a very narrow field and be ideologically subservient to someone who claims to be some form of a god whilst spouting off poor un-researched and un-evolved philosophical technology for the sake of survival, right? Well. maybe sort of keep our heads down and when they start yelling at us try and ignore it the best we can. LOL, what was that about getting into the topic at hand? Oh yeah, Docker questions. Before I loose my job for not being an idiot.

 photo docker1_zpstboscqxa.png

So I don’t know what Docker is or what a Docker image is. Still not entirely sure that I do but! I have a vague understanding and enjoy rambling. Here is where I started:

OK, so I still don’t really know what this is and there at a lot of dev type things being thrown around in here but I very much appreciate this person as at this point I’ve learned that this is plausibly used primarily for deploying web apps. Ok, lets find something a little more comprehensive and perhaps without the dev aspects as I have no desire to ever do dev. My primary goal is to rant and tell jokes online. Ok that’s not entirely true but I do enjoy a good joke.

So now ive learned that Docker is used for basically light weight virtualization so that you can host several instances of the same set of software. Which when considering hardware overhead makes really good sense in a lot of cases. I’m unclear on the exact security of this however it seems like if you have a web app and a SQL instance on the same image there is a lot of cause for issue as your not using any type of secure transfer from a back-end server. I’m mentioning this because SQL instances are specifically mentioned (I think in the first video) and this leaves all sorts of data vuln if this is front end web-server serving the client and hosting data. However at this point I don’t really know enough to say and I’m certain there are build outs where you have a back-end server hosing a database that a front-end web server has to authenticate to. Ok, so speculation aside. Whats a docker image? Assuming its a complete functioning container that runs on your Docker install but lets find a link to be sure.

Docker file

So I’m a little more clear in that there are phases to actually deploying it in that you have a file that then creates an image. I’ll think of this like unzipping. No clue if this is correct or not. However, to be honest, at this point I’m mostly interested in acquiring a basic understanding to pass the test for career development and personal reasons. Basically I really enjoy studying server and would enjoy working on it full time.

I think that’s all for tonight. At some point I may add additional screen shots of questions to this. I didn’t really go into detail about the PowerShell on this. Honestly, the PowerShell on the test is basically for memorization purposes. I’m not arguing with it but its simply remembering the right choice. They consistently ‘harden’ PowerShell for some obvious reasons and some not so obvious. I guess I’m supposed to be impressed or worried by this. Really it seems more like Kyle trying to show off his cool truck again. Ok, perhaps its not that annoying but I highly doubt I will be in a position to need to use PowerShell. I don’t personally have the desire to create or learn it that much so I’ll sit here and talk crap about the devs and changes of it haha

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