Software Defined Networking

There is a lot to cover with Software Defined Networking (SDN) and I mean a lot. And after messing with VMs for a while and learning that setting up a simple pass-thru configuration or setting up an internal network on a hypervisor between two VMs using various hypervisior platforms, I can only imagine how complicated this gets in real world scenarios. Today we are just talking about MSFT stuff, thankfully. So we can dive into all kinds of theory without having to get into the practical application of this tech and seeing it fail because I don’t have way to simulate a full SDN that would require a load balancer and multiple apps. Super excited to learn about this stuff in theory though and be able to answer questions about installing this tech using PowerShell though. Gib me seber job plaz. I mean, I have a server job but I mean Windows Server administration. Anyway, so here is one question about this. I’m sure there are more….actually wait. First, a video….What is SDN in Server 2016…. lets find out!

I found this one helpful on account of skee ball machine and spray art. I’m assuming that if you get enough tickets on the skee ball machine you can hire and authentic spray artist to come and tag the side of your garage. On account of being urban. No seriously though this is one is really helpful. I’m slightly worried that the guy on the left might be murderous. (says the guy in the black metal shirt)

This one is also helpful al though he looses me a bit when completely circumvents the entire point of having a SLB by saying that a router in the VMS is going to do that. I mean he didn’t say a switch right? I’m not making this up right? Ok, good. Because he also talks about the outbound traffic skipping MUX SLB by going directly back the gateway. I mean, is there a reason why it wouldn’t go directly back to the gateway. Also, when you start watching the video your going to think “at any moment now I’m expecting this man to rip his shirt off and start punching a hole through that thing hes writing on.” Unfortunately, hes not really the punching type and every thing other than the MUX SLB stuff that I found a touch confusing in the later part of the video, I found it very helpful so I’m putting that in here as well.

So after spending like two hours or so of your day (didnt tally up the times on those bad bois) you now sort of have an idea of what they are talking about. It seems super complicated however when you start considering the amount of commerce that is done through web traffic its really completely reasonable and im starting to see a picture here of a solution for web applications hosting from the point of entry into your DMZ all the way through serving up data from back-end servers in a reasonably efficient manor. We consistently have this drive in the tech world to get the most out of our machines, for several reasons, but the end result is always this incredibly well orchestrated picture. Ok, enough with romance Barnes. Lets get into TechNet. Wait, is now a good time to link this question. Nahhh

Software Load Balancing (SLB)

Software Defined Networking in Server 2016

Ok, now maybe we have an idea of what is going on. I should consider making that last bit of two links an order list with cute little bullet points, for the sake of professionalism. If you have any thing to do with job acquisition and you’ve read this be sure and pat the top of your left ear twice and that way ill know your in my cool club for cool people. Lame people only get to do lame stuff and then we say ‘those lames do lames for cool’. Just trust me on the variables on this, I’ve done the math and every bit of it checks out. Wait, I might be getting a head of my self and posting all the good stuff before im supposed to. Anyway, uhha yeah here is the question I was talking about:

 photo pt 1_zpsy42gheci.png

 photo pt 2_zps2wl0ek1m.png

So the question is a touch confusing and it doesn’t have much to do with a lot of what we talked about however one important note is that you do have to have network controllers installed, which seems very fucking obvious but ok. Really, this is basically memorization. I feel there is a way to do this through the server manager, oh look someones made a YouTube video and that someone is none other than STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN

So its important to know this stuff about PowerShell and it looks like this guy runs some stuff in PS that’s much more complicated than whats implied in the MeasureUp material but i think the point is learning and familiarizing your self with the material through research. Or you can memorize answers for stuff that you don’t understand which is terrifically boring to me. I love conceptual learning.

That is all for tonight.

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