Various study questions

I’m almost ready to test but there are about 60 questions I’m still struggling with so I’m going to do a few posts about some of those. I’m going to start with this question about connecting on prem ADFS with Office 365 that includes a service I’m not familiar with. So these questions do not have links or explications most of the time, its just the answers. Which is fine once you generally can ‘speak server.’

 photo msol service_zpslg8rkeef.png

Connect to Office 365 PowerShell

The most important note here is “Commands in the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell have Msol in their cmdlet name.” because it seemed really odd to me at first and I wasn’t sure what was going on with it. But at the end of the day i have to remember service, context and then domain.

There are a handful of questions with a ton of answers that get confusing because most of them are about failover testing and that should not be that complicated but the scenarios seem to vary so I’m going to get into that too but this first one is about DNS mobile device registration which somehow has something to do with DHCP and either I don’t understand one of these two technologies or this shit is confusing.

 photo mobile device register_zpskfmvjock.png

So I cant find a dang thing about this but I spent a good 20 mins looking for an answer so I should be able to remember the DHCP Policy Config Wizard. Honestly this scenario isn’t mentioned any where online. It’s really hard to call out MSFT for these types of questions but I’m praying that this VCE is enough to actually pass this test. I guess I’ll find out soon.

This another question with ‘a lot of possible answers’ in it

 photo test failover of vm1_zpschlyojix.png

However there is a pretty straight forward TechNet article on the subject.

Set Up Hyper-V Replica

It clearly explains the failover process in this scenario and being able to test it through through MMC hyper-v management. Very specific.

Test failover: If you want to run a test failover right-click the primary virtual machine and select Replication > Test Failover. Pick the latest or other recovery point if configured. A new test virtual machine will be created and started on the secondary site. After you’ve finished testing, select Stop Test Failover on the replica virtual machine to clean it up. Note that for a virtual machine you can only run one test failover at a time.

This is another ‘lots of answers’ question.

 photo fail over cluster_zpssoonvygg.png

How to migrate Virtual Machine Storage in HYPER-V Failover Clustering

This is straight up instructions on how to do it. It seems confusing for some absurd reason that you would test failover with Hyper-V Manager and migrate storage with the Failover Clustering Console but that is how it works. Hopefully ill remember that.

I think that’s all for tonight but I have a few more blog posts to do and then hopefully a test to pass. Rather than fail.

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