this is where it gets hairy

So the gym is going pretty awesome. Its kind of therapeutic to work through years of terrible lifestyle choices and to try to get myself in better shape physically. Any way, i feel like its slowed down my studying a bit but thats ok. I making progress just not as fast as I would like. I also thought about going through all of the material and making screen caps as I went and then go back and write about each one as I went. I got through about 6 sets of 5 and decided that I wasnt really about this because it helps to learn as you go. You know, like really learn it.

Anyway, lets get into some questions.

 photo antenna type_zpsqqoysbkv.jpg

Ok, i dont know that much about networking equipment and like blah blah blah anyway, yeah here is a list of stuff. Also I’m assuming that signal means signal strength

  • channel overlap – Adjacent-Channel interference occurs when devices from overlapping channels are trying to talk over each other, i have no idea what a fucking symptom of this is though. Ok turns out if you have bad signal this could be why
  • incorrect antenna type – I have no idea what type of antenna that its supposed to use but i don’t really care, i think we just have to go with this.
  • latency – I’m kind of surprised i typed this out but it wouldn’t cause a poor connection. Quick elimination leaves c and a as options
  • SNR – guess? Signal to noise ratio? Would this be an indicator of signal overlap if it was high? it sort of seems so and given that its an indicator in these ‘highly reliable sources of biblical information’ ill say yes
 photo nas_zpsihpgjvdw.jpg

ok, what the hell is this. there is not factual information to support this. I wish someone would tell me why an iSCSI san wouldnt work.

 photo Cross over_zpsibp03vqi.jpg

This is confusing because I dont know what a g1/0/1 interface is but a console and rollover are the same thing. Assuming straight-through is a regular cable. Turns out this isnt the reason why and I guess the only reason they are saying this is because its going into another router. This is fucking jargon to make people look like dorks that go into the field and dont know what they are doing after passing this haha

 photo layer 3 routes_zpss8r1hnmu.jpg

I’m not finding a quick answer for this or any thing that even remotely looks like an actual explanation. Nothing says anything about a damn firewall so, ok we are just, again, going with the answer. See, this is why I like technet. I mean, its not perfect but its damn something. anyway.

 photo cidr_zpse05sy3zy.jpg

I dont understand cidr at all, just when you think you sort of understand some things about it, they go and throw in this question. Summary? I’ve been looking at this shit for a while now and never heard this term or worded with two fucking subnets into one fucking ip that isnt the fucking same. For now, all I want to know is what it means. Ok, this appears to be not real life as well. ok, 16 it is. Ok, thats it for tonight!

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