Going to be on network+ for a while…

So its been fairly slow going so far, to be honest, but i do have screen shot sets for about 8 blog post and have gone through most of the material at least one. I’m not sure what the lack of a huge drive to get through the material as fast as possible stems from. Honestly, though I think it from the annoyance at troubleshooting flow questions. However, I would like to get through this and progress on with things. Anyway, lets get into questions.

 photo ip helper_zpsmgrokppf.jpg

Ok, TTL is out but lease time is not as it gives no further details about this but im not really sure what IP helper is so I guess I should look it up. DHCP IP Helper addresses are IP addresses configured on a routed interface such as a VLAN Interface or a routers Ethernet interface that allows that specific device to act as a “middle man” which forwards BOOTP (Broadcast) DHCP request it receives on an interface to the DHCP server specified by the IP Helper address. Ok, so that seems like a great idea but im not sure there is enough evidence to support that the dhcp server needs this support but I get that its good to know about.

 photo data encapsolation_zpsk19crqqu.jpg

omfg. I hate OSI stuff however to be honest, i really need to learn it. like, i want to learn it. ok so, i mean its question and answer which should be enough but you know, i would like to know more.

So, holy shit. I feel like I understand this much better. Thanks for breaking it down my guy. Now, in regards to the accuracy of this answer, im assuming its debatable as they clearly do not have available data to prove this.

 photo utm_zpseqxjq6oy.jpg

so is a UTM a firewall? i’m assuming it is. Unified threat management, commonly abbreviated as UTM. UTMs at the minimum should have some converged security features like Network firewall, Intrusion detection, Intrusion prevention. So yes and that’s a plausible answer.

 photo more udp_zpslleequ4k.jpg

Not exactly clear on udp. Its literally in the name. ok. im dork. UDP (User Datagram Protocol)

 photo udp_zps1ecv83jh.jpg

lets start with a list

  • TFTP – Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) is an Internet software utility for transferring files that is simpler to use than the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) but less capable. It is used where user authentication and directory visibility are not required.
  • DTLS – Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) is a communications protocol designed to protect data privacy and preventing eavesdropping and tampering.
  • SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an Internet Standard protocol for collecting and organizing information about managed devices on IP networks

Awesome! another, if you know the answer its easy type of thing! The end.

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