Chapter 1 book questions

Its kind of amazing that HTML editors with all their fancy tech don’t auto save your work. I suppose that’s how it goes. Humm, not sure I started this properly. I started writing this post a few days ago and left it up on my computer and every day since then I’ve thought ‘if that post is still up, then I’ll take odds on god actually existing’ and each day I failed to save it. Anyway, I’m going to sort of work through book questions. I think I should be moderately fun. I mean who knows. I might learn a thing or two. Do I think it will help me pass the test, not really, no. Will I actually learn the material and be in a better position to talk about it. For sure. So I guess I’ll go through these first few questions again that didn’t take long… and then get through the reset of them tonight. If its not too late when I’m finished I may even head out for a beer later.

 photo question 1_zpsbuxj6oqx.png

Honestly, this is already seeming like too much effort. It’s C, SSH

 photo 2_zpsdac1ujgo.png

I mean, honestly, there are various answers to this, Powershell remote being the primary example. Especially for core or nano installs. but they are looking for RDP. SNMP is like a monitoring thing (im really not sure how else to explain it).

 photo 3_zps7oq2hv65.png

It’s TCP, UDP just streams information, TCP checks to make sure it showed up.

 photo 4_zps7mcpzfbc.png


So its worth noting that I was super tired the first time I started into this. However I’m mostly remembering what I was thinking at the time. Anyway, I was looking up alternatives to tracert and still had the link up in google.

 photo 5_zpsjfrhc3xe.png

I was surprised to learn that this was B, the Presentation layer. Most of the time when people explain the OSI model, I get hella confused because there is so much detail missing. However when I check out specific concepts I start to get a clearer picture of what exactly is going on.

 photo 6_zpssbnacyr6.png

I have several questions about why this is and how this differs from making vlans and at the end of the day I’m willing to bet this is like an arbitrary thing. Humm, I just noticed that the PDF I had open in a web browser, of the book, is not open. I guess I should load that. Anyway, here is what the book has to say about that subject and honestly, when realizing that VLANS increase broadcast domains, I’m starting to understand.

 photo vlans_zpshxajxi19.jpg
 photo 7_zps15dghlvr.png

1500 for regular frames, 9000 for jumbo frames

 photo 8_zpskwxpiixb.png

Generic mac has to be B. However, I’m not sure what IGMP is, The Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) is a communications protocol used by hosts and adjacent routers on IPv4 networks to establish multicast group memberships. IGMP is an integral part of IP multicast.. I guess now I have an idea.

 photo 9_zpsqozi6yvm.png

So this one is C, it is vendor neutral however I’m not sure how it interfaces with the Cisco tech for trunking and if you use that do you seriously only get to use Cisco stuff in your network. I guess I could do some research, however you could also look up the damn tech in the question for your self haha

 photo 10_zpsec51spgy.png

Humm, don’t really know this one. Time to hit the book again. It’s amazing that the book has answers in it. Lets see what it says about this one.

 photo root bridge_zpscypeq8kj.jpg

So its the lowest bridge ID, got it….

 photo 11_zpsm9eomyqs.png

By process of elimination this should be easy. Usually you can rule out the smart ass answers of lower power or buy more. I mean, they want to talk about features of these babys :::slaps roof::: anyway, lets find out what LLDP does.

 photo lldp_zpstjp8sftf.jpg

I’m highly confused as to how this works but kind of amazed that it does. Must be some sort of wizard smoke power converter.

 photo 12_zpsxghgjyov.png

Honestly, a little confused by this one for various reasons. Well, perhaps uneducated would be a better thought to convey. So, this is kind of complicated and I highly doubt that google will provide an obvious answer so I’m going to hit the book.

 photo dynamic_zps45vvwg4q.jpg

Reading the question, I understand what they are getting at but I’m not quite sure this sentence really conveys whats going on here.

 photo 13_zps9uyttczi.png

Ok, half way through. Watching this Pantera live video, you can check it out on YouTube. Its the one that starts with the backdrop from Trend kill. Anyway, its BGP and the answer text, which will be at the end of the post, does a great job of explaining this.

 photo 14_zpsyxzuhf2f.png

Apparently, you cant :: twice, so D.

 photo 15_zpslltygxaq.png

MMMkay, im starting to think ‘fuck my life’ but to be honest I picked C as a guess and I was right because they always start with FF.

 photo 16_zps18uzsrr5.png

This one, no clue. Lol, ok so its D which is actually a part of A. However, there was a complicated explanation and I think I might have mostly understood it. Possibly as a result of … study.

 photo 17_zpsfj25xaqm.png

lets make a list

  • RSTP – Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
  • VRRP – The Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is a computer networking protocol that provides for automatic assignment of available Internet Protocol (IP) routers to participating hosts. This increases the availability and reliability of routing paths via automatic default gateway selections on an IP subnetwork.
  • HSRP – Cisco proprietary redundancy protocol for establishing a fault-tolerant default gateway
  • VLSM – Variable Length Subnet Mask

Ok so its VRRP

 photo 18_zpsn0q0ddk3.png

I’m no good with subnets to be honest and I’m not going to learn every thing it takes to understand this one tonight but the answer is B.

 photo 19_zpsom5clqg3.png

Jesus, Mary and Joseph thats a long question! Anyway, its for sure on APIPA so it can’t contact the DHCP server. So, D.

 photo 20_zpswnhsz3xn.png

Really? I’m not looking this up but apparently its B.

 photo 21_zpszpivp5wf.png

This one is interesting and I’m not sure of the answer! I read it and said ‘oh wow’ because I’m a huge nerd. The answer is A. I love a good fun fact.

 photo 22_zpswoinz0hj.png

I’m taking at stab at this and saying C, lets check the answer. Turns out I was right.

 photo 23_zpscbeqbhn1.png

again, man, that’s a ton of effort and like, im on some serious coffee at this point so I’m reading the answer in the back which is C.

 photo 24_zps7grzljcp.png

Well, its servers so that would be infrastruture, A

 photo 25_zpsstrnlis4.png

You would make a reservation, C

And now we are caught up to page 200 in a 500 page book and we have gone through chapter 1. Did I mention there is stuff after the last chapter in the book too? Anyway, that’s all for tonight. I had fun going on a learning journey and I hope you did too! Now I’m off to say and do things that totally contradict my fake ass ideology.

 photo wontyoube_zpsfst1132i.jpg

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