Testing in a few hours, nervous

Very nervous about whats going to happen shortly. I feel like I’m right on the money with understanding the material but some how when there are answers that both mean the same thing or one is needed to have the other and some times its the more specific answer and sometimes its the less specific answer you get a little nervous. Anyway, I noticed that Photobucket has watermarked my images and requested that I pay them 8 dollars a month so I started to wonder if it was worth it and then began to look into my stats to see if any one actually looks at this blog and was quite surprised and thought I would throw some stats on here. I’ve gotten over 14k views have written over 51k words on here! Amazing! So I guess people do look at this. Even if it is surprising to me as I never actually checked the stats for the page given that employers don’t normally mention it. I also started a SoundCloud that is some how doing ok. It’s mostly beats and slanted commentary on things. Down at the bottom if you have opinions on pressing urban issues, obvious…

Anway, here are the stats for my little blog

Trying to fix the issue with photobucket in hopes that I dont have to port every thing over to another storage solution can keep using an HTML editor but its starting to look like the wordpress editor and using wordpress to host will work fine. I don’t know, ill see how I feel but it is a hot mess…

I keep getting this error when trying to give them the requested 8 dollars but regardless this editor feels clunky to me

That’s all for now…praying I don’t waste 300 dollars on this test this morning. And I may start posting tech articles on this blog, in the off chance that you read it I would be happy to take feedback on if posting non-study materials to this is valid.

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