Next cert options!

So my goal this year was to do this two Azure exams that have a combined total of less questions that than the Security+. So, I may go for all 3 of these this year. Make it a MSFT year haha

The desktop admin I feel like I could have that done in like a month but its over 300 dollars in test fees and not working kind of puts a damper on shelling that much cash but for some reason I think it would be fun. However, it seems exactly like the cert I got on Vista. Which sucks because that one is probably the most helpful in job placement at this point and no one cares if you got a cert on Vista. 285 questions isnt much when the Security+ alone was almost 700.

The 365 one is for administering all the office products that are out these days like teams and really any thing 365 based. Azure is the cloud platform where your AD servers are hosted off prem or maybe your using it for web hosting. Which would be unusual. I’m not really sure how hosting workings in 365 because I’m assuming its all hosted by MSFT but I might be wrong there. That one seems the most appealing to start the ‘fiscal year’ with as I have questions haha.

Azure is going to be a bunch of authentication specifics, I’m pretty sure. Unless they go into actually using the OS systems your hosting. Which could be 365 products. I’m not really sure what else there is to know about it. I’m not writing code to it. The second one says design but one would assume that would be typical AD domain design but interface is different.

I might download the VCE for the desktop platform and go through it without actually taking the test and start into 365 stuff. Not a ton of people looking for Azure folks yet. Humm… I could be wrong on that though. Maybe start back to front? I was pretty stern in saying that the 300 and 301 where what I wanted to do next. I’m going to go through job postings on LinkedIn and decide. The salary recs for Azure people are higher per Google but I’m pretty sure most people in IT are aware that can be misleading info in the real world.

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