Ch 20 – Implementing OSPF

Well, had an interview today. Went well. Who knows, its good to talk to people regardless. I wasn’t really shy about it at work. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I think it’s funny because people will absolutely not mention it to you and then turn around and some other sort of weird passive aggressive action that proves they have no interest in your life while being weird and nosy. Not to mention generally unhelpful. I don’t know why people are like that. Anyway, its also currently 5 pm and I’m still in my cup realizing that typing a text document while using a monitor that’s so far in my pe·riph·er·al (had trouble spelling it apparently) that I have to almost look behind me is possibly a bad idea. I also have an appointment with my trainer at 6:30. Being the reason that I’m still at work. I have 6 months left of that and I will say this, LA Fitness does not make the personal training experience enjoyable. Not because they make you work but because they either don’t want to show up to work or want to physically get you mad enough to hit them. This is absurd. I wont go into the negotiation on what I had to do to pay them what I signed up for because the counter girl didn’t put the contract on my card but put my regular membership on it. I will say that used car dealers seem less sketchy though haha. I really don’t know why people are like this. Just show up and do your job. I’ve had better results not reading any thing online ,,, and doing everything on my own. I can actually run I squat a pretty good amount. 250 in a slim fit large is no joke. Let’s get to work on these questions then go do some under handed upsey lollolys while our feet dont look like we are taking a shit on the floor and trying to clap hands

No fucking clue. lets think about this. We could be using fucked up CIDR and masking again. I mean, thats either a really large range of IPs or addresses on different subnets because generally people don’t implement subnets of that size. I’ll guess B

Nice Job! It still brings up the question of “what of that tell is to use OSPF but – we will get to that.

27 diver dan curles using your tritoid in fakie … weird, is this the same question? I mean, I have no fucking clue what it’s saying so I’m going to assume so. Oh shit, we’ve grown to an even larger scale now with that. That’s a lot of hosts here. D?

I see the logic with the zero instead of the one but I still think its debatable. the .1 should be a network id. Do we really have to start with 0 to include the network ID? Am I understanding that right. Help me Ob1dahwendel

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:::whistles in spongebod::: uha, guessing C …?

ok, that’s fine. I mean A seems right. So does E but…. oh it does say choose 2. damn.

No idea, this isn’t using logic or math per-say. It’s kind of something you have to know. Network doesn’t seem right given the previous use of it. I would say A

Good to know.

I have no fucking clue what they mean by delay. Also, A and C are vaguely similar though A seems to be pulling from experience and C seems to be calculating real time. If, I where guessing.

Nice, i was right. I still have no idea what delay is.

This is actually a pick two but it doesn’t say pick two. Funny that I actually read the information presented. Good one. One would assume A and D haha, i mean, if naming conventions are a thing when using logic.

I was right. Nice. Now off to do some reverse monkey paw upper javalines in a downward dog pose then walk the plank. Those are the best. I do wonder sometimes. How my lower delt legumes are doing?

Here’s a great band for you haha

Ch 19 – Understanding OSPF Concepts

Well, there is no Ch 18 question set. So there’s that. I tried to get this done last night but it didn’t happen. I set an alarm to take a 30 min nap and just slept all night. Kind of a bummer but whatever. I should be able to get it done this morning. Anyway, here is some stuff.

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I have no idea but B is indeed a guess.

ok, so what the hell is link-state logic?

The basic concept of linkstate routing is that every node constructs a map of the connectivity to the network, in the form of a graph, showing which nodes are connected to which other nodes. Each node then independently calculates the next best logical path from it to every possible destination in the network.,possible%20destination%20in%20the%20network


It seems like they all should.

What’s a VLSM

VLSM is a subnet design strategy that allows all subnet masks to have variable sizes. In VLSM subnetting, network administrators can divide an IP address space into subnets of different sizes, and allocate it according to the individual need on a network. This type of subnetting makes more efficient use of a given IP address range. VLSM is the defacto standard for how every network is designed today.

This shit doesn’t really make sense to me because its like over complicating nat. Like when the fuck do you actually need to use this. It’s like IPv6 imho. I don’t know why people add H to that. Like your using an acronym, your not that humble. Let me guess that RIPv1 is outdated so it cant use this

Im guessing A or C but A seems more likely based on how the answer is written because “runs some math against” doesn’t sound very factual but it sounds plausible.

Lol no clue, this seems like info you would literally never need to know. My guess was B though was/is. The nomenclature seems wrong for the other options.

hummmmmm… A or C seems obvious but im not sure that single-area is simpler for planning.

Cool. Anyway, starting to get my mind around some of this stuff and I’m enjoying it. It’s a learning curve and I think the real thing is actually learning instead of insisting that apple = square for orange or some shit haha. Anyway, this beat, song, lyrics, this is like .. man dude… its so real.

Ch 17 – IP Routing in the LAN

Well this is post two for the day. Not sure If ill get through it but you know. I’ll do as much as I can without actually having to think about any thing and then go from there. Hopefully that works well haha. By not thinking I mean, dumping all the images in at once and then starting to work on it because it seems as if I’m putting effort forward or towards it. There are so many ways to say that it. Kind of odd.

hip – hop. Anyone that says that in part of the world is perp. Straight up if you say hip-hop your probably like a college student lol. It’s called trap. Why is it called trap, no fucking clue. It is what it is haha Like when I say College Student, I mean the same dick that read one Nietzsche survey book and thinks they understand philosophy and fills you full of hot takes without understanding that he was pissed that people ruined Christianity which was supposed to be an easy way to understand Greek philosophy with a nice little narrative for you on the front part. Worst case it tells you to be a nice person but oh boy lol. Anyway, hot takes? Is it a hot take? Lets ask 2Pac

Anyway, somehow also a big fan of this band. You may have never heard of them and there’s probably a reason for that. Shockingly, I’m not getting into this conversation but you know what, “the streets are real” buddy Phil and I followed this band around the South when I was in college. They have been around FOREVER. I actually got to see them again last year and it was awesome!

You know, after some refreshing tunes, im back in the mood to write. I read the answer accidently but to be real A and E where my first choices. F, im not sure about. Lets find out what it is.

IEEE 802.1Q encapsulation is configurable on Ethernet and EtherChannel interfaces. IEEE 802.1Q is a standard protocol for interconnecting multiple switches and routers and for defining VLAN topologies.

Use the encapsulation dot1q command in subinterface range configuration mode to apply a VLAN ID to the subinterface.

Well, that helps explain ‘trunking’ which really could mean any range of things that relate to concept of grouping IP addresses together. Regardless of what they tell you it means, that’s how it seems to be used.

Not sure here because I’m not following all the logic to this yet but my guess is A and D because 1.1 got the shutdown and 1.2 got the now shutdown?

Ok, i’m not sure what administratively down means at this point. That’s fine.

Mannnnn, seems like there should be several answers here. I would assume a router and a mask. There’s no info on the subnet specifics, right? Or are those in order. It would appear so but why only VLAN 2? Is this a trick question?

ok so the mask is wrong but he actually used normal CIDR math here. Which somehow seems to be troublesome and it should show all the VLANs. No next hop though.

D seems likely.. VLAN 4 isnt mentioned. A seems improbable. C maybe?

ok, that makes sense.

Welp, two questions left. I made it! Anyway, this is fairly specific router configuration stuff, which I have no prior knowledge of but I do understand what its saying. This is kind of all arbitarty configuration rules that I cant use logic to solve.

coool… totally understood.

Im guessing C and D. A is a global setting I would assume. B is kind of odd but duplexing issues do exist.

So duplexing issues do exist! and VLAN doesn’t play a factor here. Anyway, I’m kind of sleepy and am going to go to bed. Also, this band has such questionable lyrics (lol). the point being that it doesn’t matter ,,, because its about VALUES more than the obvious.

Ch 16 – Configuring IPv4 Addresses and Static Routes

Well, its Saturday. How’s your day going. Did you use your heart and imagination? haha oh man…anyway.

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Welp, lets get some studying done and make some off hand comments. What if, for one day we just where nice and had any sense of ethics and loyalty at all? Like hard work and being respectful si great.

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Anyway, let’s do some questions!

So, I didn’t actually put these in before hand. So I cant read below. Guessing B and D

Lol, i guess that’s DNS? Who knows but when reading the answer, I think I understand that a little better.

Honestly, no clue.

Yep, still confused here as to what the hell the routs actually are. “A connected route for the subnet”? I don’t know this stuff at all but I’m thinking after i read more of the book I’ll understand it? Not sure. Fun adventure time…

All of the answers make sense to me with the exception of C.

Good job son! Way to understand Dark NEt

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Well that’s a pre defined thing that I’m not sure of but based on the previous question, A

hummm, a could be true, b seems plausible, the first part of the cmd seems like the answer to D. C seems random.

That seemed like the most likely choice, to me.

I have zero fucking clue but I find this interesting

Not sure I understand this at all. I mean, slightly but who knows.

Anyway, that’s all for now. going to try to get 3 of these done this weekend.

CCNA Book, Ch 15 Operating Cisco Routers

Welp, chapter 15. Exciting stuff. Cant wait to go through and read the entire book after this. At some point I need to figure out how to get a PDF copy of the second book. It’s honestly proving to be super helpful in serving as more of an introduction to CCNA stuff, as the book is Cisco specific, than Network+ did. Not saying the Network+ is unhelpful but the CCNA book is great for prep. Anyway, I found this great new old school black metal tape. Super necro and awesome. I’m sure if your reading this your also into super obscure 90’s Scandinavian metal. So, i’ll put this here for you.

Anyway, uha lets some questttions just a few of uhm,,,,

I would go with A and E but there is probably some sort of config that has to be done. Possibly C

Shocked at the serial cable use but unsurprising. Somehow. Not sure how but maybe. Why not have a magical bluetooth stool to set them on that configures them with magic. This would be more efficient.

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I read this when setting these questions in earlier this morning, B

This is odd information to include and in hind sight I think its an import curb to a lot of things. I cant really say what but wasn’t there some info on routers where it depended on what level you where logged into? I mean, honestly, I remember this same effect appearing somewhere else before. This seems slightly different though. As to why, I’m not really sure but parties in question are not overly concerned at this point. The fact remains that, I’ll figure it out later. Possibly another question of fast food or something haha

I honestly have no idea. Personally, this stuff is slightly “more interesting” than CIDR to me personally but I’m more a relational information type of person in how things are retained for me, personally.

Again, i think some things are misconstrued about this answer. The fact remains of original intent and placement and understanding individual character with regards to functional information. The thing is this: this guy is like legendary for being able to communicate certain ideas. And I respectfully apologize for not fully understanding all the hardship associated. Rather than “this is just some dumb shit for some asshole to consume” which is the entirety of the fucking problem we face as a society. I don’t know, I’m not dying to learn it and remember it all right this second but I’ll get it down eventually.

I’m going to say that this is a logical question and that the answer probably makes sense but that I don’t have enough experience with the CLI to understand exactly why or when it would say that. This isn’t unexpected but its good to realize. It’s also good to know that down down is a layer 1 issue.

You now, again, I respectfully submit that I dont really know any thing about this but am willing to learn. As such, I would assume that displaying version info would be the router firmware or whatever they are calling it, and as such would not show any addressing information. E is my only guess.

Good to know.

This is possibly basic knowledge but confusing in context.

This is, a logical answer. The term ‘Layer 2 Switch’ is sightly confusing as it seems like ive heard something of a ‘Layer 3 Switch’ which was essentially a router. I could be wrong here but who knows. Anyway, really hard material to get through but at least it’s not math that will actually make you cry hahaha

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CCNA Book, Ch 14 – Analyzing Existing Subnets

While I am enjoying the math questions to some degree (i’m for sure going to re read the entire book once I’m done with these and may offer up additional postings of notes or chapter questions, not sure yet) it seems obvious that the real world applications of having to use networking math in your day to day job is not likely. This chapter is applicable to…hummm,,, the type of person that would have to figure out subnets that are existing without using network documentation that points out what is where? Anyway, I think its good to know the basics but if you run into an interview where they ask you more than the basics it might be a good feeler for the type of company and team you would be working with. Most people don’t really need to know this and I’ll be surprised if its on the test. If its in the prep questions though, there is a good chance that it will be. Which means I’ll probably need to be much better at it than I am. I which case I’ll probably have to cover some less confusing material than the book. Honestly, class room material might actually be beneficial for this type of thing. However this would require and engaged and enthused teacher for it to really set it so that’s kind of a null point too and again we circle back to the old “do a bunch of homework” point. Which seems to work very well for me!

Anyway, letttass top (ignore) do this whole quesiton thing and get some shut eye, partner!

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lol anyway … i can read you know. Just so you know. What it says. Linux1 420highway69

im not sure I understand the question. Is it asking that would be the same on all the addresses and that would mean ‘equal’? I mean, the subnet is always going to be the same. The hosts bits would obviously change. The network would be the same. uhhh D?

Cool, next question!

d and A best guess.

I don’t understand this ‘host’ part thing. look at the last sentence haha. it says “must not have a value of” which means, im assuming im correct.

D lol is too smal so it must be C,,, since I just looked at the chart

Ok, this one has to be D right?

Now, this is legit confusing because hes using a weird numerical sheme where .255 in isnt the broadcast ID. Thats what im assuming anyway because a /30 has 4 addresses in it so starting at 96 makes 0 logical sense but is do able.

Understanding IP Addressing and CIDR Charts — RIPE Network Coordination  Centre
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Normally A would be the answer but we have popped in this sick ass new mushroom head album so who fucking knows haha

b? See this, this is discouraging people like crappy pirate signage.

I mean, hes not wrong but this is all ‘a mystery’ that is basically impossible to solve. Anyway, I think that’s enough for today kids.

CCNA Book, Ch. 13 — Analyzing Subnet Masks! This is it for sure, use the title of the Chapter…nailed it

Its been an interesting few days. I made a bunch of candles, noticed that someone seems to be running a powershell script from my machine that’s locking me out of my AD account. There are multiple instances of failed logins per second. I’m talking like 10. Pointed it out to the admins, who seemed to be sort of concerned. Noting that I’m not exactly surprised by this but I’m making good progress on getting the migration stuff up and flowing. Fielded some odd questions from end users with laptop replacements that I was able to fix due to previous experiences and bought a sub 200 dollar parts bin guitar. The guitar is interesting lol. It’s like a Gibson RD shape but smaller, perfect for playing in bed, with a fenderish style bridge, a bolt on PRS style neck and a single filtron style pickup. Some guy in California made it and wanted like 175 bucks for it. I want it use to learn sabbath riffs and to add doom riffs to beats. Anyway, went on an adventure to find some pedals and an amp I have to kind work as a stop gap until I decide to buy a DI usb box and had no luck. Some of the stuff is hard to find, like this hand built fuzz pedal. It wasn’t crazy expensive but it is possibly the best fuzz I’ve ever played. Hopefully it didn’t dispensary but I’ll have to consult with my aunt who will inevitably tell me she hasn’t seen it even though it isn’t where I left it. I’m not really upset by this as there is a lot of stuff in storage in the house. Whatever lol. Anyway,, lets get into some questions while wondering about ‘ruffling through priceless antiques and hoping the set up on the new fiddle is good for low tuning. C# lol

Anyway, that’s what it looks like, time to get into some questions.

My gut is A because its not a large subnet but im probably fucking this up. I’m starting to get to the point of slowly enjoying this stuff though. At first I hated it and had little desire to learn it and now I’m like “ok this is kind of fun and you’ve been through this a few times you should learn it” my current retention of CIDR is minimal in terms of … basically any thing related to hard facts. but wait, is 19 the larger number of host addresses (for the love of god stop confusing me on the host address thing, i understand its a client on the network lol)

Humm, ok so maybe thats the smaller one? the larger number? Lets watch a subnetting video real quick to grab at this one! I need a refresher haha

Again, non 10 base systems are confusing but I feel like I absorbed some information and like I should watch this again at a later date. but yeah /19 is a larger number of host addresses. I’m not sure how I forgot something that basic.

That’s a fairly small number of clients but lets look at a list of CIDR addresses … really helpful

Understanding IP Addressing and CIDR Charts — RIPE Network Coordination  Centre

So, 32 is the largest and our answer is C.

since we now have looked at the chart, its B

I’m confused but assuming h means host, C is true. n = network? s is subnet bits thus cidr??? who knows really. oh wow, its at the end of the question humm.

ok, i didn’t really catch all that.

A has to be true, the host answers seem wrong and B, no clue

I’m starting to understand.

Wasn’t sure on this one but learned something.

D is a ton of of hosts, B is like 1 host. Technically A,C and D but

Something is wrong here haha. that subnet mask provides for 3 usable addresses and 2 are taken right? With B. Personally, I think there is some missing information to answer with a correct response. But hey. It could just be me. Anyway, I’ll try to get 2 more of these done today.

Making contact

So I’m in the middle of a 7 to 10 migration project and I really enjoy working hard and being kind of independent until I have to ask a question or something like that. The current job is going pretty well but there are some “issues” with my AD account. I’m not going to go into it but basically it keeps getting locked for some mysterious reason. I don’t suspect that its the guys that are working HD but who knows. Anyway, someone approached me about another similar position yesterday (I haven’t been applying for stuff) and it for sure came with a raise. I suppose I’ll pursue it but more than just the money the functionality of the environment is the primary factor for me even considering it. I can see how they ended up in a spot with a large amount of the field being still on Win7 and why its hard to actually upgrade the machines. It’s not an overly critical take from a management stand point but its hard to turn down a significant raise. Anyway, resume (see attached) is looking pretty good. Hopefully I matched the tone and writing style of the company that created the document with my exp up to embross in the new paragraph haha

CCNA Book, Ch. 12

Well, not smoking is going pretty good. Cutting down pretty quick. Did some cardio yesterday, didnt try to hard and was on a shitty treadmill and got 3 miles in at like 38-39 mins and could have done another 3 miles at the same pace. Thought about doing arms afterwords but for some reason the guys at the front counter where acting all pissed off that I could not only run that pace but like dance on the treadmill at that pace…even at the end of the run haha… I dont know why they care. I mean eventually im running a 60 min 10k. So its kind of whatever

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Anyway, those old school shorts are dooooopppe. Lets get into some questions

B and C. I did actually know this one. Somehow. class B and C get a little woozy

Well, per the (previous email) it would appear to be E

Good work Ace Job .

I’m going to say B and C. Default is a safe term. The network ID, I dont think is that static because its related to subnetting right? D seems possible but I’m not convinced.

Goood to know lol … ok b=16 … i will totally do my best to remember this.

C and uha D i think is wrong because this is a class C, A isnt really making alot of sense. Maybe Just C

How embarssng but hey, im on a learning adventure and not simply trying to be a jerk. So this is the good news.

This is for sure D because of the range of the address of broadcasts is al…i dont know how to say that right

Welp, this was a rather short post! Which kind of works out because really, I need to get ready for work and quit playin. Being a fucking jerk is not the way to get nice and intelligent and …,/;’P people to think your interesting. Unrelated to blog post

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CCNA CH. 11 … I’ll stick with this title

Post number 2 for the day. Nice day. Ate some chicken nuggets and some frys, got my tires rotated. Sore from exercising but the recovery drink seems to be helping. I don’t go for expensive supplements because I’m really not sure they are made differently. I could be wrong here but I feel like its best to drink the most amount of the ‘helpful’ substance like protein or BCAAs. I also figured out it was good to drink them constantly to get the most results. Surprisingly. Anyway, Lets get into questions while the only TV I watch, other than anime and I have no idea how that started, plays in the back grounp, TCM!

This is for sure B and D and im right.

This isn’t that hard to explain but the thing it this: I dont know much about networking, per-say

I would say C but I read the question and assumed it was ‘out of my ballpark’ because I saw math and then read the answer and was like ohh yeah thats in my mode of thinking so I saw the answer was D. Then was like ‘thats not what I would have thought’ then I was like ‘the subnet ID is not a static address in a subnet, why would have picked C’ then realized that D has that in it. I don’t know why the DG wouldnt be in the same subnet. I guess it doesn’t have to be, so ok. I’m really feeling slightly dumb for messing this one up. I still hate ‘broadcasting’ addressing for some reason because the only thing its used for is pushing software or updates. I’n which case im slightly unclear on how a router is smart enough to duplicate a packet to every fucking machine in a subnet thus reducing the overall amount of bandwidth required for mass updates from like a WSUS server. Which is basically all I’m doing these days lol … youll never guess how we do this … manged windows updates? Not needed but boy would I like to manage making sure clients are up to date with all the important stuff. lol anyway…..

Moving on.

I’m not great at this but when reviewing the answers, without understanding the math, really, b seems like a solid choice because 7 seems to small for some reason. C seems weird but plausibly workable. no idea why.

I hate to say this, but im almost hoping for light subnetting questions on the test because its always discussed but they never test on it and I am not a math person haha

first instinct is to day c &D and then I saw the answer and then was like theres a 1 for the second octet, thats not right!

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then I looked at the answer and had no idea why A is private.

lol oh ok right, because its a class B network!

A,D,E ——-easy! i read the last one! i really did!

Ok, Next Question!

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First off, there is a 99.9% chance that you will never ever in your career get to do this. Second, I’m not really sure of the answer here bud b and d are my guest

I am totally wrong and I’m not even sure what they mean by a host address lol so im going to look that up

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Well it means a computer .. on a network. yep, ok. got it. not really, is this like the dg they are talking about???

I have no idea what the hell the question is. Hes just like thinking about it and shit happens?

LOL i still have no clue. I mean, obviously if hes subnetting it the number of hosts on the total ‘subnet’ thats now two subnets is reduced. I think thats what hes saying haha no im not posting it.

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