Part 3, ch…4 of the Cisco book. Maybe 2 chapters, H2T

Anyway, Holiday weekend. I’m home alone, watching oceans 12 and reading about stuff. Its funny though, no one vocally respects my opinions most of the time until I start seeing prices go up on things I talk about and I’m like please go back to your fucking bull shit or at least respect me or something. Anyway, the gravity of the situation is this: I would eventually like to at least break into the VCE lol. Ok, salt shakers down! Yeah, really excited about this job. It’s a job. Things are kind of annoying. Most people, “speak English” , normally it doesn’t bother me either way as I would have no intention of seeming rude given that English is a hard language to learn and I would assume to be an asshole who imposes my born manor of speaking upon people like a haphazard colonist. Went to the gym, getting really strong at these squats pretty quick. I did 135×10, 145×10, 155×10, and 135×10 again. This time last year I was having trouble squating using ropes that had handles for me to pull my self up with lol. So, I made a lot of progress. Not really trying to be bulky and break records but my main fitness goal is a 60 min 10k in the next year or so and squat and bench my own weight. My bench is terrible and I have a crap upper body but my assisted dips have dropped like 100 lbs off of them in the past year so thats cool. Anyway, lets uha, get into Cisco stuff. I added a search feature that I paid 10 dollars for but it apparently doesn’t parse text or hasnt parsed the contents of this yet. I hope it actually works.

I want to say ABC but this is a total shot in the dark.

well, that clears that up. A&B. Next question

I would say C&D but it seems like it work work in all of them. Kind of an odd reboot cmd though

lol so if you put ‘do’ in front of it, it works in C&D but with just reload it only works in enable mode. ok…..

Im more inclined to pick B as I dont think telnet encrypts any thing but it might encrypt password exchanges with like the oldest/most vulnerable encryption standard known to man.

Still, SSH isnt that secure. its old as shit. anyway.

Im going to guess ROM as its usually fixed and then flashed and RAM, as a PC concept, looses its data upon being shut down generally speaking

Noooo we are going to uses these terms differently lol

No clue at all.

Ok, So its loading on boot from NVRAM (ROM) (im sticking with this until im proven that I dont know what I’m saying) into the RAM and then you can edit the running config in the RAM without saving it into the config thats loaded on boot? Thats actually kind of helpful, I suppose. But really only in a test enviro and 9 times out of 10 people are going to be like “why isnt this working” after a switch reboot, so its kind of dumb.

I have no clue whats going on here. Anyway, Going to move into another chapter as I accept that my foldering situation for photos are messed up. I guess I could post it in another post….wait , how long is this? Not that long lol Ok, Here is Chapter 5 and I’m going to try to do one more of these tonight after this one. Then as many as possible tomorrow too.

So here is the interesting thing about this,troubleshooting%2C%20especially%20for%20remote%20locations im not even going to bother editing the HTML, just click it. Nothing to do with the question at hand, which i dont know the answer to.

What the hell do they mean by floods the frame? I dont think im going to get a solid google answer on that but im going to assume it goes nowhere if it doesnt know where to rout it? Why is it using a just a mac and not an IP? That seems like a tough but fun project.

Oh so flooding is sending it out till it finds a winner, cool.

To be honest, my first guess was A but I had no idea what the hell was going on with it. you would think that, wait the answer was in the answer to the last question lol. Moving on.

I want to say “why wouldn’t it only need to know MACs on its own VLAN so C but I dont understand this well enough and im still unsure of the concept of bridging but I will get to it.

Of course, precisely. I understood that totally.

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I understand this but I would like an explanation as to why its not B given there are 3 macs listed here. The answer does not clarify that. I wish that it did.

Anyway, thats all for now. Going to try to get one more done before bed but currently its cig and beer time. Trying to roll back on smoking. Dialied it back up again but I’m not having a super hard time at one every 5 hours to be honest. I should stick with this. Smoking is bad for all kinds of reasons.

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