Part 4, Cisco Book, ch 6,7

So just some things, my coworker has a youtube channel and has made his first video about his 6k gaming PC build. I told him I would share it and I’ve watched at least half of it and I promise I will watch the rest later as I have no clue on building modern high end PCs to be honest. He’s British and his name is Lucian, like Lucifer. Super cool right? Anyway, video below.

Anyway, nice day. Not really much else to say besides blogging from a Pepboys and getting an oil change. I mean, your forced to sit there, why not. I live in an urban area that isnt filled with Starbucks though, so its a little different here to be like “let me pull out my laptop because I’m trying to flex cause I’m so busy” or w/e but really no one cares if your polite. Just saying, dont be an asshole. It’s a common rule anywhere you go.

So lets get into this. Going to do 6-7 in this post and then do 2 more tomorrow. I think at least 2 day is a good pace. Who knows, I may do two more tonight. I really need to get rolling on this material lol..anyway.

Humm, no idea. Assuming B but given that I know like nothing about Cisco routers and I know at this point that generally watching videos about cisco routers is not as effective of a use of time as reading and writing about them, I’m not going to waste my time with that as I find this to be a more efficient platform.

I was right! great! moving ohhhnnnnn hum..,,/, nope

I have no idea. Why the fuck wouldnt you air gap them and have their PCs be in the lab or use a password. Or put their machines on like a VPN into the lab? Or use traffic control on a router that’s set to the lab.

Realizing you read the question wrong because you assumed it was “passwordless auth” given that using passwords is common. So do you always use vty to set up a login? This is that stuff that people that ask questions want to know. the 3rd paragraph nothing that login local setup requires username/password. Thats good to know. but the standard is just PW. I wonder if they log config changes with username/password lol ….speaking of ACTIVE DIRECTORY SHOULD TRACK LAST MACHINE LOGGED INTO ON USER DATA AND LAST USER LOGIN ON MACHINE DATA. Anyway.

Well, I’m fairly certain about D but its absolutely and interesting conversation that I will not forgot. I don’t know why, you just kind of dwell on things. Anyway, its not commenting out the idea on the user name so I have no idea.

I guess I don’t have to turn on SSH? Did i miss something lol “they previously changed the config to support SSH” Starting to get the VTY stuff but I’m interested in the B part now. The Global Config command. I’m trying to explain this to my self at this point and I think I’ll start to understand it in a few.

Total guess, ADF

Maybe I’m kind of starting to understand this. Nice!

I have no fucking clue and its so much information to read and consume and I’m doing that “i dont want to think thing” while realizing that it that it seems like there should be a Burger King right here but there isn’t for some reason but I didn’t need to eat anyway. (i’m still getting my oil changed and some other stuff)

Ok then, that one is kind of complicated and I’m not super clear on it but I think i understand it, conceptually most. But then translating the “this is what makes this work” which I only sort of understand into “this is what we need to do on the router” is kind of crazy.

Last question in this chapter. Going to guess A as none of the rest of the answers really make any sense to me but to be honest, I have no clue at all.

Thank god I was right but I still don\t understand any of that. I mean, it took along time to get to understanding server but I’m sure I’ll understand this stuff eventually. Networking is not as universal as client management. Basically you have to use MSFT products for that and the worst part is, the people that are supposed to maintain that part of the business don’t give a shit about it and think that everyone should use like thin clients and like VDIs that are preconfigured but you still have issues of connectivity and you still need to push GPs to them. There are so many problems here. Azure, what the fuck are you guys doing over there? This is like only used for like candy land of fucking web apps? Ok then. Like from an administrative standpoint, I’m not sure its very helpful for most people in the real world. Anyway.

I guess I could have made that one post since I didn’t get around to doing the second chapter yesterday.

Lol, absolutely no fucking clue. What the hell is IEEE standard Autonegotiation?

Autonegotiation is a signaling mechanism and procedure used by Ethernet over twisted pair by which two connected devices choose common transmission parameters, such as speed, duplex mode, and flow control. In this process, the connected devices first share their capabilities regarding these parameters and then choose the highest performance transmission mode they both support.

This is super annoying that I cant add a link text in the visual editor? It’s somewhere between you want to subjgate people to using a format you can sell and simply making people look dumb. Then judge them for copying and pasting basic HTML cmds? I’m not really sure but you should fix it lol

Anyway, that actually makes sense now that I know what it is.

Given the answer to the last one, that involved setting duplex, one would assume E as well but who knows lol

great. that makes sense.

I want to say the switch is going to want to go at full speed, A but who knows.

They caught me on the D part. I didnt read the 2 answers but I was kind of curious to see if it said “full duplex” or was like “nah fuck it its just 1000 mb”

Just a guess because B&C don’t make any sense lol AD&E

Ok, reading it again maybe B does make sense? It says 2 down things. And E says “can be”. MaYbE I N33d t0 ReaD bettR

I dont know why it wouldnt not be D. It’s going to take some explanation to understand why its not D

Damn, the you pick 2 strikes again but the thing is, I was right.

Im guessing B, C and D are producing a similar scenario. A is possible but im not sure how a shutdown can be the source of collision.

ok, yeah now it makes sense as to “C is not a cause for concern because SW2 should also be set to full” but isn’t duplex and speed like the same thing? That’s what all the answers have been saying. you know full dup or 1000 mbps?

lol ok then…right. This isnt a you pick two.

Well, having fun. Hopefully I’ll get two more chapters done today. I dont really have anything going on so it should be possible. Excited about that! Happy Labor day!

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