CCNA Book 1, Ch 8,9…part uhaa, w/3..never mind it’s just 8.

So you may be unaware of this but there’s a rather large community of tech workers on twitter that all comunicate on a daily basis and if you remember Wolf Pack or NWO era professional wrestling, its pretty much the same. But basically every one thats like a product owner on something important thinks they are like some sort of half assed cyber punk from the future that doesn’t give a shit about common sense stuff and thinks “the cloud” and “containers” and fucking “information security” is great while forgetting the basics of how all of this shit works. The author doesn’t seem to be one of those people though, thankfully haha. It’s kind of a running theme. The real boomers are not the guys that look like boomers, generally “speaking”

Anyway, here is his public page

When you see something that looks like this on infosec twitter, its probably a highway to the boomer zoomer zone that lives with no ragrets


Its possible its a hela 1337 troll but unlikely lol. Anyway, why dont we learn how to do things instead of express the fact that we are rude and cannot read??

NWO Wolfpack | Wiki | Wrestling Amino

Anyway, lets talk networking here hahaha I guess I could provide the names of the chapters but you could also read the book and find out! Don’t take my word for it!

Honestly, its a subnet but it may also be E. To be real, its kind of a confusing concept as its very similar to a subnet and I dont really understand “trunk”

Not really completely understanding this but it helps to clear up what a broadcast domain is. I guess.

I think you can have them all on the same subnet but you need to have a subnet right?

lol ok. further confusion

My money was on B however I felt that C was an unlikely possibility.

absolutely no idea

I should really learn more about trunking at this point since I absolutely do not understand it. VLAN Trunking

Trunking, a term frequently used in IT and telecommunications, refers to a network configuration that efficiently conveys data between multiple entities without using one-to-one links. Similar to how a tree trunk carries water to every branch and leaf, a network trunk essentially carries multiple streams of signals to the correct locations. For managed services providers (MSPs), trunking in networking will typically relate either to link aggregation or virtual local area network (VLAN) trunking, a practice that is integral to VLAN configuration. IP trunking refers specifically to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, which may be relevant to some MSP customers as well. 

I’m not really clear on how this concept of, apparently a broadcast domain, is different in practical uses from a subnet. Maybe I can find some contrasting info to explain it. I didn’t really find this helpful but subnets are fucking address segments that are layer 2 and vlans are layer 3 and I have no idea how they are “comprised” or assigned The Difference Between VLANs and Subnets

At a high level, subnets and VLANs are analogous in that they both deal with segmenting or partitioning a portion of the network. However, VLANs are data link layer (OSI layer 2) constructs, while subnets are network layer (OSI layer 3) IP constructs, and they address (no pun intended) different issues on a network. Although it’s a common practice to create a one-to-one relationship between a VLAN and subnet, the fact that they are independent layer 2 and layer 3 constructs adds flexibility when designing a network.

This next paragraph is for my only fans

Just kidding, a little humor for you there. But I did realize I can keep an a href link text up and plug in what I want into it and copy and paste without having to switch the block to HTML to edit it. So that’s nice.

D for sure seems logically true based on how other systems work but A, does that one show all vlans? Oh shit he hit that you pick 2 situation again. Lets find out.

I guess D issss wrong. ITs happened before! Damn it all!

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what the hell is he looking at “see this wall? its made of wall!”

Good to know, running-config will show vlans

I mean, I dont really understand trunking which I guess is the same as having a vlan or broadcast domain but I felt like I learned something, none the less.

Inspiration Friday: Gettysburg Bike Week 2019 is Wild • Total Motorcycle

I’m guessing A&B, highly confused by C/D

Good, it’s not just me that thinks it shouldn’t do any thing if its currently shut down.

B??????????????????????? I obviously I have no idea what I’m doing here.

Thank god. Ok, So here’s the scoop. I wanted to get these done yesterday but I’m trying to quit smoking again and was chewing nicorrette most of the day. When you do that, you may find your stomach in knots and that you can’t get off the can. It’s terrible. Absolutely terrible. Anyway, I was going to do 8&9 last night and didn’t get done with 8. So now I’m finishing this up while waiting on a calendar appointment with plans to do 9 tonight. Have a great Monday…Tuesday, what ever day it is.

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