CCNA CH. 11 … I’ll stick with this title

Post number 2 for the day. Nice day. Ate some chicken nuggets and some frys, got my tires rotated. Sore from exercising but the recovery drink seems to be helping. I don’t go for expensive supplements because I’m really not sure they are made differently. I could be wrong here but I feel like its best to drink the most amount of the ‘helpful’ substance like protein or BCAAs. I also figured out it was good to drink them constantly to get the most results. Surprisingly. Anyway, Lets get into questions while the only TV I watch, other than anime and I have no idea how that started, plays in the back grounp, TCM!

This is for sure B and D and im right.

This isn’t that hard to explain but the thing it this: I dont know much about networking, per-say

I would say C but I read the question and assumed it was ‘out of my ballpark’ because I saw math and then read the answer and was like ohh yeah thats in my mode of thinking so I saw the answer was D. Then was like ‘thats not what I would have thought’ then I was like ‘the subnet ID is not a static address in a subnet, why would have picked C’ then realized that D has that in it. I don’t know why the DG wouldnt be in the same subnet. I guess it doesn’t have to be, so ok. I’m really feeling slightly dumb for messing this one up. I still hate ‘broadcasting’ addressing for some reason because the only thing its used for is pushing software or updates. I’n which case im slightly unclear on how a router is smart enough to duplicate a packet to every fucking machine in a subnet thus reducing the overall amount of bandwidth required for mass updates from like a WSUS server. Which is basically all I’m doing these days lol … youll never guess how we do this … manged windows updates? Not needed but boy would I like to manage making sure clients are up to date with all the important stuff. lol anyway…..

Moving on.

I’m not great at this but when reviewing the answers, without understanding the math, really, b seems like a solid choice because 7 seems to small for some reason. C seems weird but plausibly workable. no idea why.

I hate to say this, but im almost hoping for light subnetting questions on the test because its always discussed but they never test on it and I am not a math person haha

first instinct is to day c &D and then I saw the answer and then was like theres a 1 for the second octet, thats not right!

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then I looked at the answer and had no idea why A is private.

lol oh ok right, because its a class B network!

A,D,E ——-easy! i read the last one! i really did!

Ok, Next Question!

Bruce Smith's Wild Answer On "Family Feud" Is Going Viral

First off, there is a 99.9% chance that you will never ever in your career get to do this. Second, I’m not really sure of the answer here bud b and d are my guest

I am totally wrong and I’m not even sure what they mean by a host address lol so im going to look that up

Family Feud Canada: The incredible story behind the 'Popeye' blunder

Well it means a computer .. on a network. yep, ok. got it. not really, is this like the dg they are talking about???

I have no idea what the hell the question is. Hes just like thinking about it and shit happens?

LOL i still have no clue. I mean, obviously if hes subnetting it the number of hosts on the total ‘subnet’ thats now two subnets is reduced. I think thats what hes saying haha no im not posting it.

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