Making contact

So I’m in the middle of a 7 to 10 migration project and I really enjoy working hard and being kind of independent until I have to ask a question or something like that. The current job is going pretty well but there are some “issues” with my AD account. I’m not going to go into it but basically it keeps getting locked for some mysterious reason. I don’t suspect that its the guys that are working HD but who knows. Anyway, someone approached me about another similar position yesterday (I haven’t been applying for stuff) and it for sure came with a raise. I suppose I’ll pursue it but more than just the money the functionality of the environment is the primary factor for me even considering it. I can see how they ended up in a spot with a large amount of the field being still on Win7 and why its hard to actually upgrade the machines. It’s not an overly critical take from a management stand point but its hard to turn down a significant raise. Anyway, resume (see attached) is looking pretty good. Hopefully I matched the tone and writing style of the company that created the document with my exp up to embross in the new paragraph haha

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