CCNA Book, Ch. 13 — Analyzing Subnet Masks! This is it for sure, use the title of the Chapter…nailed it

Its been an interesting few days. I made a bunch of candles, noticed that someone seems to be running a powershell script from my machine that’s locking me out of my AD account. There are multiple instances of failed logins per second. I’m talking like 10. Pointed it out to the admins, who seemed to be sort of concerned. Noting that I’m not exactly surprised by this but I’m making good progress on getting the migration stuff up and flowing. Fielded some odd questions from end users with laptop replacements that I was able to fix due to previous experiences and bought a sub 200 dollar parts bin guitar. The guitar is interesting lol. It’s like a Gibson RD shape but smaller, perfect for playing in bed, with a fenderish style bridge, a bolt on PRS style neck and a single filtron style pickup. Some guy in California made it and wanted like 175 bucks for it. I want it use to learn sabbath riffs and to add doom riffs to beats. Anyway, went on an adventure to find some pedals and an amp I have to kind work as a stop gap until I decide to buy a DI usb box and had no luck. Some of the stuff is hard to find, like this hand built fuzz pedal. It wasn’t crazy expensive but it is possibly the best fuzz I’ve ever played. Hopefully it didn’t dispensary but I’ll have to consult with my aunt who will inevitably tell me she hasn’t seen it even though it isn’t where I left it. I’m not really upset by this as there is a lot of stuff in storage in the house. Whatever lol. Anyway,, lets get into some questions while wondering about ‘ruffling through priceless antiques and hoping the set up on the new fiddle is good for low tuning. C# lol

Anyway, that’s what it looks like, time to get into some questions.

My gut is A because its not a large subnet but im probably fucking this up. I’m starting to get to the point of slowly enjoying this stuff though. At first I hated it and had little desire to learn it and now I’m like “ok this is kind of fun and you’ve been through this a few times you should learn it” my current retention of CIDR is minimal in terms of … basically any thing related to hard facts. but wait, is 19 the larger number of host addresses (for the love of god stop confusing me on the host address thing, i understand its a client on the network lol)

Humm, ok so maybe thats the smaller one? the larger number? Lets watch a subnetting video real quick to grab at this one! I need a refresher haha

Again, non 10 base systems are confusing but I feel like I absorbed some information and like I should watch this again at a later date. but yeah /19 is a larger number of host addresses. I’m not sure how I forgot something that basic.

That’s a fairly small number of clients but lets look at a list of CIDR addresses … really helpful

Understanding IP Addressing and CIDR Charts — RIPE Network Coordination  Centre

So, 32 is the largest and our answer is C.

since we now have looked at the chart, its B

I’m confused but assuming h means host, C is true. n = network? s is subnet bits thus cidr??? who knows really. oh wow, its at the end of the question humm.

ok, i didn’t really catch all that.

A has to be true, the host answers seem wrong and B, no clue

I’m starting to understand.

Wasn’t sure on this one but learned something.

D is a ton of of hosts, B is like 1 host. Technically A,C and D but

Something is wrong here haha. that subnet mask provides for 3 usable addresses and 2 are taken right? With B. Personally, I think there is some missing information to answer with a correct response. But hey. It could just be me. Anyway, I’ll try to get 2 more of these done today.

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