Ch 16 – Configuring IPv4 Addresses and Static Routes

Well, its Saturday. How’s your day going. Did you use your heart and imagination? haha oh man…anyway.

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Welp, lets get some studying done and make some off hand comments. What if, for one day we just where nice and had any sense of ethics and loyalty at all? Like hard work and being respectful si great.

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Anyway, let’s do some questions!

So, I didn’t actually put these in before hand. So I cant read below. Guessing B and D

Lol, i guess that’s DNS? Who knows but when reading the answer, I think I understand that a little better.

Honestly, no clue.

Yep, still confused here as to what the hell the routs actually are. “A connected route for the subnet”? I don’t know this stuff at all but I’m thinking after i read more of the book I’ll understand it? Not sure. Fun adventure time…

All of the answers make sense to me with the exception of C.

Good job son! Way to understand Dark NEt

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Well that’s a pre defined thing that I’m not sure of but based on the previous question, A

hummm, a could be true, b seems plausible, the first part of the cmd seems like the answer to D. C seems random.

That seemed like the most likely choice, to me.

I have zero fucking clue but I find this interesting

Not sure I understand this at all. I mean, slightly but who knows.

Anyway, that’s all for now. going to try to get 3 of these done this weekend.

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