Ch 19 – Understanding OSPF Concepts

Well, there is no Ch 18 question set. So there’s that. I tried to get this done last night but it didn’t happen. I set an alarm to take a 30 min nap and just slept all night. Kind of a bummer but whatever. I should be able to get it done this morning. Anyway, here is some stuff.

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I have no idea but B is indeed a guess.

ok, so what the hell is link-state logic?

The basic concept of linkstate routing is that every node constructs a map of the connectivity to the network, in the form of a graph, showing which nodes are connected to which other nodes. Each node then independently calculates the next best logical path from it to every possible destination in the network.,possible%20destination%20in%20the%20network


It seems like they all should.

What’s a VLSM

VLSM is a subnet design strategy that allows all subnet masks to have variable sizes. In VLSM subnetting, network administrators can divide an IP address space into subnets of different sizes, and allocate it according to the individual need on a network. This type of subnetting makes more efficient use of a given IP address range. VLSM is the defacto standard for how every network is designed today.

This shit doesn’t really make sense to me because its like over complicating nat. Like when the fuck do you actually need to use this. It’s like IPv6 imho. I don’t know why people add H to that. Like your using an acronym, your not that humble. Let me guess that RIPv1 is outdated so it cant use this

Im guessing A or C but A seems more likely based on how the answer is written because “runs some math against” doesn’t sound very factual but it sounds plausible.

Lol no clue, this seems like info you would literally never need to know. My guess was B though was/is. The nomenclature seems wrong for the other options.

hummmmmm… A or C seems obvious but im not sure that single-area is simpler for planning.

Cool. Anyway, starting to get my mind around some of this stuff and I’m enjoying it. It’s a learning curve and I think the real thing is actually learning instead of insisting that apple = square for orange or some shit haha. Anyway, this beat, song, lyrics, this is like .. man dude… its so real.

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