Ch 21 – OSPF Network Types and Neighbors

Welp, its sunday. I had plans to do like 4 chapters today. May have overstated my level of ambitions. I posted a new track to my soundcloud. Thats exciting. (ill post it at the end, its just beats and it all sounds like the most southern of hip-hops filtered through norway lol). Anyway, here is this amazing Manheim steem roller bit of black metal. If you think some of these nerds don’t listen to stuff like that, boy are you in for a shock.

Anyway, lets get into this

oh yeah.// …. questions. right.

guessing A. and C. b and d seem irrelevant. mac adress? i mean, not sure this really matters.

ok…thats a complex answer that may or may not be true based on several factors. I’m not trusting of it just yet.

this is the same question. or if the answer where true in the first case they should also be true in this case.

same. ok that is seemingly rational, so far.

no fucking clue what they are talking about here.

oh ok. thats less confusing now. adjacent is a weird term though.

probably the last 2

is an area number a vlan? i have no idea.

so its a vlan … ok.

d is a total guess.

it doesn’t really say why though. still want an energy drink lol

would assume it would keep the config.

ok, got that one right. well shiting gears for a moment and then heading to the store and then will return to do another. maybe 2 more. hopefully.

Oh yeah, here’s that track. No ones listened to it yet. They usually get about 100 plays. How this happens, I’m not sure.

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